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(not sure if this is an bug) I used g++ that came with gcc-2.95.2-crtdll.exe

-ffloat-store on Intel x86

-fpic confuses scheduler


Re: -Wsign-compare to strict?

2.95.2 19991024 (release), Next 3.3; -fno-elide-constructors causeserrors

2.95.2 19991024 (release), Next 3.3; -fno-elide-constructors isscrewed up

2.96 20000904 dies in case of errors

Re: [c++] builtin functions and namespaces

[c++] input_filename not set correctly

[g++] namespace problem

Re: [G95-develop] Should g77 accept file extensions .f90 and .f95 ?

Re: [G95-develop] Should g77 accept file extensions .f90 and .f95 ?

Re: [G95-develop] Should g77 accept file extensions .f90 and .f95?

Re: [Muq-bugs] gcc 2.95.2 -O9 int <--> long long bug?

[PATCH] doloop_optimize miscompiles openssl

Re: [Patch]: Re: gas 2.10.91 from 20000920 cvs is broken under hpux (fwd)

__attribute__ ((packed)) broken?

Alpha g++ 2.95.2 optimizer doesn't scale?

Alpha g++ 2.95.2 template class static variable initialization failure

another bootstrap failure of today's cvs tree on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

Another patch: Re: objc FAILs under hpux/-threads with gcc-2.96 CVS

Ansi violation ?

ARM ICE in elimination_effects, at reload1.c:2734

Re: armv4l Linux bootstrap failure (genattrtab) (fwd)

Bad ia32 patch breaks PIC (Re: Strange PIC code on ia32 since Aug. 29.)

block reordering problem

Bogus 'pure virtual method called' abort in all g++ versions

bootstrap broken in libgcc2.h

Bootstrap failure in gcc-ss-20000911

Bootstrap failure of CVS 20000911 on i686 Linux

bootstrap failure of today's cvs tree on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

bootstrap failure on hpux-11.0 of today's cvs snapshot

Bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bootstrap no longer builds libgcc multilib subdirs in stage2/3

bounds violation in dbxout_symbol_location

Broken C array autosizing breaks glibc compile


bug (?) in gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release-2)

bug in cc1

bug in experimental GCJ - scientific notation

Bug in latest snapshot

Bug in loop optimizer for ix86

Bug in STL implementation

Bug on Inheritance and Inner Class

BUG report

Bug report

BUG REPORT: Internal Compiler error...

Bug when compiling for MIPS16

Bug when defining template constructor not in header.

Bug with multiple lines comment

Bug with template statements ?

bug-report: operator overloading in template classes

BUG: gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)


Bugreport for gcc-2.95.2 on i686-pc-linux-gnu (C++)

build failuer in gcc-ss-20000918

Build Failure 2.96 (20000904) on powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.3.0

Build failure for '0904 snapshot on rs6000-ibm-aix4.2.0.0

Build failure, libsdtc++-v3, ix86-cygwin

building shared libs with g++ 2.95.2 on HP-UX 11

c compilation error message/exception

C++ and PIC code generation...

C++ bug: tree based representation of "switch"?

C++ cast parsing bug

C++ codegen bug for switch statement(s)

C++ compiler problems

C++ conversion operator to unsigned long does not work

c++ internal error report

C++ on Red Hat 6.2: internal compiler error 390

c++ operator overloading ICE

c++/502: Internal compiler error while compiling libgcj

c++/508: ICE on ,unusual“ template use

c++/509: G++ forbids template specialization as ambiguous

c++/510: G++ rejects member template operator specialization

c++/511: public enums in class template not accessible via specialized subclass

c++/512: Crash on explicit instantiation

c++/513: Duplicate symbols not collapsed for template constructor

c++/514: g++ gives an internal compiler error while compiling some template code

c++/516: gcc problems

c++/517: New causes seg fault while malloc correctly return null

c++/518: g++ generates illegal code with -mcpu=ultrasparc on SparcV9

c++/521: error handling array bounds

c++/522: VideoDecoder.cpp:164: Internal compiler error in `make_decl_rtl', at varasm.c:738

c++/523: static object never destructed

c++/524: strings act badly

c++/525: Problem with Multiple Inheritance and -pedantic

c++/528: Internal compiler error

c++/531: Segmentation fault while processing invalid input (operator syntax)

c++/532: Internal compiler error in tsubst_expr, at cp/pt.c:7148

c++/534: Internal error #19991113, Internal compiler error in copy_body_r, at ../gcc/cp/optimize.c:272

c++/535: Internal error on long long int *= conditional.

c++/536: Internal compiler error in start_function, at cp/decl.c:13874

c++/539: Incorrect type mismatch error reported for static members in templates

c++/541: Can not compile --- internal error 61

c++/548: Instantiation of template function as type parameter fails

c++/554: ostrstream sometimes causes program to abort

c++/558: Internal compiler error

c++/561: Compiler Error Casting Overloaded Function Pointers

c++/563: Internal compiler error in 'const_hash', at varasm.c:2372

c++/564: gcc 2.95.2 does not allocate array of class

c++/566: g++-2.95.2: destructor not called

c++/568: virtual class destructors called with faulty this pointer

c++/569: libstdc++ has problem with basic_string

c++/570: Internal error 71 with parametrised operator template

c++/571: throw() generate SIGABRT for other types than int

c++/573: internal compiler error - Tree check: expected identifier_node, have tree_vec

c++/575: 2.95.2 release does not generate "control reaches end of non-void function" warning with a template class parameter

c++/578: Internal Compiler Error

c++/579: -Wmissing-noreturn not supported in C++

c++/581: divide by zero and floating point exceptions not caught

c++/582: internal error on wrong declared method

c++/585: Optimizer bug on SUN sparc architectures (involves exceptions)

C++: -fvtable-gc and -fforce-addr don't go well together

c/503: local (stack) array corrupted after initialization

c/504: I want to play with Fourier Transforms using Octave

c/505: Allows same identifier for enum type and #define

c/507: Incorrect loading of addresses when compiling for PowerPC

c/515: gcc generates faulty code when passing struct to function by value

c/519: Internal compiler error in `convert_move', at expr.c:570

c/526: incorrect initialization of array

c/527: gcc does not build on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.7 host.

c/529: -Wshadow warns on function prototypes vs. global vars

c/530: Courier 0.27 causes "internal compiler error"

c/533: -fPIC prevents compilation of file

c/544: current GCC failed with "invalid lvalue in assignment"

c/545: -std=c89 defines macros it shouldn't

c/546: -dM broken

c/547: __i686__ macros have disappeared

c/559: Alignment problem - difference to gcc 2.7.2

c/577: scanf, format specifiers '%E' and '%G' should refer to float

can this happen?

RE: Can't bootstrap 20000828 ss on cygwin

Can't bootstrap 20000904 ss on cygwin

Casting Overloaded Function Pointer Problem...

Re: Casting Overloaded Function Pointer Problem...Repost..

Casting Overloaded Function Pointer Problem...Repost...

Clash between cpp -undef and linker -u options

Class buggggg

Comparison fails in gcc-ss-20000925 bootstrap

COmpiler bug: va_list redeclared on Tru64 (Alpha)

compiling empty files fails

Compiling kernels

Re: Constify IDENTIFIER_POINTER; reduce calls to get_identifier

Re: Constify IDENTIFIER_POINTER; reduce calls toget_identifier

cpp bug in latest cvs

cpp changes don't bootstrap

cpp generates wrong #line directives

cpp0 problem on armv4l linux when bootstrapping

CPP: exit status changed behaviour breaks linux kernel Makefile

Cross-compilers co-residence question

Crosscompiling from i686-linux to alpha-linux fails

CVS server bug

debug/543: dwarfout.c ICE during bootstrap simplified

Re: defining a pure virtual

Deviation from MS Fortan behavior

dwarfout.c ICE in bootstrap

dynamic_cast seg fault


egcs-20000925 fails to configure

error attempting to compile gcc for Sparc Solaris2.6

error compiling from cvs

Re: Example program takes 2000 times as long to compile under C++ as C

Re: Example program takes 2000 times as long to compile underC++ as C

Re: exp(-inf)

Explicit specialization of member template function

extern "C" - bug or feature

fortran/542: GNU Fortran doesn't support direct access files bigger than 2G


Friend and member fcn with same name, compiler barfs on friend

friend function removes nested type declaration

Funny date in gcc/ChangeLog

g++ 2.95.2 bug - Linux x86

g++ 2.95.2 considers extern "C" void (*)() and extern "C" void (*)(void) different

g++ 2.95.2 on Debian GNU 2.2 system

g++ bug

g++ bug report for SUN architecture

g++ ICE: When overloading "new".

g++ internal compiler error

g++ internal compiler error, Redhat 7.0

g++ linux

g++ on Dec Alpha

g++ typedef bug

g77 - fatal signal

gas 2.10.91 from 20000920 cvs is broken under hpux 10.20

gcc 2.95.2 -O0 bug (double/long double)

gcc 2.95.2 -O9 int <--> long long bug?

gcc 2.95.2 -W warning: overflow on truncation to integer on sparc

Re: GCC 2.95.2 and GLIBC 2.1.93, broken streambuf.h

gcc 2.95.2: Internal compiler error in `find_function_data', at function.c:542

gcc 2.96 suspected bug

gcc and microsoft linker

Gcc bug

gcc bug ? (template, namespace and using)

gcc bug report

GCC bug report: templates

GCC bug? Compiled code gives seg. fault

GCC compile bug on AIX 4.3.2

gcc compiler bug: unsigned enum types

gcc compiling c on solaris 2.7

Re: gcc erroneously recycles temporaries of nested statement exprs

gcc erroneously recycles temporaries of nested statement exprs

Re: gcc erroneously recycles temporaries of nested statementexprs

GCC internal error bugreport

gcc on Sparc Solaris 7.0

GCC problem/bug with floats

gcc v2.95.2: error within installation phase "build"

gcc-2.5.2 g++ -O2, Exception Handling, program runs incorrectly

gcc-2.95.2 hp-hpux11.00 wrong assembly directive .CALLINFO

gcc-2.95.2, '-O', operator '%=' gives wrong result

gcc-2.96 20000918: ICE 20000911 compiling C++ code

gcc-200009xx bootstrap comparison failure on i686-linux since 20000906

gcc/expmed.c 1.63->1.64

Re: gcj/347: compiler error when compiling from cvs

Re: glibc 2.1.93

Glibc issue, was: Trying to include floating point trapping in fortran program

Re: glimits.h is not compatible with -traditional

h8300-hms-gcc fails to build

Hash bug in 2.95.2

Re: Have you had one or two spare cycles yet? :-)

How can I crosscompile the Xfree86 3.3.6 at i386 host with target is Mips

HPUX11.0 G++ 2.95.2 compile problems

I think there is a -march=i686 bug

ICE breaks glibc compilation on PPC

ice in emit_move_insn/expr.c:2593

ICE in fixup_reorder_chain, at bb-reorder.c:633

ICE in single_set_1, at rtlanal.c:881

ICE on template code with nested member templates and derivation

ICE with current mainline gcc

Illegal use of uninitialized reference, improperly allowed

Installation error within phase "build"

Re: Integrated preprocessor patch - revised

Internal Compiler Error

Internal compiler error

Internal compiler error (g++ 2.95.2 on Linux)

Internal compiler error (nested classes?)

Internal compiler error 42

internal compiler error compiling mysql

Internal compiler error in 2.95.2 (20000220)

Internal compiler error in `convert_move', at expr.c:1010

Internal compiler error in extract_insn (-ffast-math)

Internal compiler error operator- and operator if

Internal compiler error when using friends inside templates inside namespace g++ 2.95.2

Internal Compiler Error with GCJ

Internal compiler error with redefinition of a function.

Internal error #122 ... I got also others ...

Internal error #122.

Internal error #19991113

Internal Error Parsing Bug. Importance Low

Investigation of g77.f-torture/execute/short.f -Os failure


is this a bug in g++?...

Just for qmail , its a bug report

libgcc2.h patch breaks c4x target

libgcc2.h:99: no data type for mode `TI'

libio build fails with glibc 2.1.94 installed

Re: libio testsuite: timeout compiling tFile.cc

libstdc++/553: Call to sort () results in segfault

libstdc++/555: using valarray.shift() produces warning messages

libstdc++/572: can't link stl based program on AIX 4.3 with multi-threading enabled

make check problem.

makefile horkage

Making --without-included-gettext the default

Member operator+() vs. friend operator+()

member-pointer-as-template-constructor-argument bug

mips-sgi-irix6.5 binaries now N32 mips4

missing defines in spec file

nested functions on Arm

Nested-template member function does not compile

new #pragma pack failure

New bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.7

New bootstrap failures on solaris2.7 and Irix6.2

New C testsuite failures on irix6.5

new frontends in INSTALL

NLS related bootstrap failure (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

NLS stops bootstrap

No definition of virtual function, omits inline and virtual table

Re: No definition of virtual function, omits inline and virtualtable

No Profile for egcs-2.91.66

No rule to make target `genextract.c'

No warning/error reported when non-constant reference is an rvalue

Noisy when choosing T::operator Type() vs T::op const Type() const

Re: Noisy when choosing T::operator Type() vs T::op constType() const

NSUBSPA unknown directive

Objective-C compiler broken

Old Bugreport (i686 SuSE Linux, gcc-2.95.2)

On avoiding RCS quirks

An Online Fair of China's Electronic Products

optimization/520: exp function can't handle -inf in optimized mode on i686

optimization/574: exception handling with option '-O2', unexpected results

optimization/576: gcc performs invalid optimization with float operations.

Re: optimization/576: gcc performs invalid optimization with floatoperations.

other/567: "make dvi" fails

other/584: fixincludes leaves dangling symlinks

Re: Overloading ICE in the latest GCC (rejected by the mailing list)

Parallel build on SMP is even more broken.

Patch to handle_class_head breaks testcases

Patch: Re: Clash between cpp -undef and linker -u options

Patch: Re: glimits.h is not compatible with -traditional

PATCH: Re: libio compilation problem

Patch: Re: objc FAILs under hpux/-threads with gcc-2.96 CVS 20000816

Patch: tfformat.c doesn't compile under hpux 10.20

PIC bug: libgcj is broken with current cvs gcc

Possible 'as' bug for simple program

possible bug(non-compliance)

POTFILE changes break build when C++ not configured

Re: POTFILE changes break build when C++ not configured as a reult of changes made by pthomas@suse.de

Re: POTFILE changes break build when C++ not configured as a reultof changes made by pthomas@suse.de

Praeproccessor broken? crti.S compilation fails

preprocessor/538: cpp0 loops while expanding macros

preprocessor/556: cpplib uses freed file descriptors

Problem building gcc with new automake/autoconf

Problem in new/delete in multithreaded app

problem installing gcc 2.95.2 on m68k-coff (fwd)

problem with compiling c4x target after PRAGMA change

RE: problem with dynamic_cast

problem with dynamic_cast solved

problem with libgcc2.h

Re: Problem with running this simple program

A problem with sendto

Problem with sparc64-linux /usr/lib64 hardcoded

a problem with the 20000911 snapshot...

problem with uncomplete type

Question about little and big endian

recent change to gcc

Recent CVS; Next 3.3; missing ifdef for munmap in cppfiles.c

recent rtl change ICEs on solaris

RedHat 7.0 With Mysql 3.22.32

reload, regcost problems [Was: Re: Math problems on PPC with gcc-2.96 20000928]

ridpointer problem [Re: block reordering problem]

rint -lm function broke

seg fault compiling linux-2.4.0-test7

Segmentation fault building libg++ without named returns

Should g77 accept file extensions .f90 and .f95 ?

A small C++ program; templates, namespace, and internal compiler error 980519

Snapshot internal compiler error.

solaris 2.8 and gcc-2.95.2

some bug ?

sparc-sun-solaris2.6 bootstrap failure

spurious install error on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

SS-20000911 build failure under AIX

std::string MT issue

STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS on Solaris... Painful

Still no bootstrap on i686-linux today...

Strange error message about a template class not being a class

Strange PIC code on ia32 since Aug. 29.

Re: Stranger error message about a template class not being a class

Subdirectories built different number of times

system trace of hpux-11.0 bootstrap failure with today's gcc/binutils

tail recursion

target/560: Solaris 8 x86 static code segfaults before main

Template bug in gcc-2.95-2 on i386-redhat-linux

Template Instantiation Bug?(inheritance, virtual function, duplicate symbols for constructor)

Template specialization bug(s)

template/friend/nested class bug report

tFile tests fail under i686-pc-linux-gnu with -fno-inline

Top level host zlib doesn't get built, bootstrap fails

treating CRLF files same as LF ones

Trying to include floating point trapping in fortran program

Unsatisfied symbols: cpp_register_pragma (code), cpp_register_pragma_space (code)

Update config.sub?

Re: Varargs macros subtly broken

Warning from cpp on macro argument stringification is missing

Re: warning: multi-line comment (why?)


wchar_t constant not possible

weird __restrict error with g++-2.95.2 + glibc-2.1.93

Wierd bug with volatile pointer expressions

wrong mangled C++ function names

yesterday's snapshot on hpux-10.20, hpux-11.0

yet another test case: long long usage generates horrific code

zlib/configure.in problem with config-ml.in (gcc-20000922)

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