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Re: Syntax error when configuring in gcc subdir

On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 08:34:19AM +0200, Christian Jönsson wrote:
> I am using cvs sources (2000-08-19 about 08:25 +2000).
> This is on a Red Hat Linux 6.2/Intel system
> up to date as of today.
> When I run 
> ../gcc/configure --enable-threads --enable-shared
> I get into the gcc subdir and exit with a failure from
> there. The error message is this:
> checking whether getrusage is declared... yes
> checking if mkdir takes one argument... no
> ../../gcc/gcc/configure: syntax error near unexpected token `<<<<<'
> ../../gcc/gcc/configure: ../../gcc/gcc/configure: line 6250: `<<<<<<<
> configure'
> Configure in /usr/local/src/objdir-gcc-2000-08-19-0825+0200/gcc failed,
> exiting.

You have a merge conflict in gcc/configure.  This is probably because
the Makefiles rebuilt your local copy of configure and then someone
changed the master copy.  Delete gcc/configure and run a cvs update
from the top of the tree.  You should see just

U gcc/configure

if it prints out any lines beginning with 'C', you still have merge
conflicts in those files, and you have to figure out why.


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