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"format not a string literal"

"Internal compiler error" from gcc-2.95.1 (g++)

$$TURN $6 TO $6000**LOOK*NO SCAM$$

'1004 snapshot ICE from flow.c on alpha-dec-osf4.0e compiling toplev.c

'1013 snapshot ICE from flow.c on rs6000-ibm-aix4.2.0.0 compiling cexp.c

'1013 snapshot ICE from local-alloc.c on hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20 compiling cccp.c

'1019 snapshot ICE at haifa-sched.c:5912 on hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20 compiling gcc/libgcc2.c (__main)

'1019 snapshot ICE on alpha-dec-osf4.0e compiling gcc/libgcc2.c(_lshrdi3)

'1019 snapshot ICE on i586-pc-unixware7 compiling gcc/emit-rtl.c

'make cross' needs gcc-g++ ?!

(p)thread support on HP-UX 11.00?

Re: - gcc sqrt function

--enable-checking output on bootstrap failure for mornings CVS

-march, -mcpu and preprocessor

-Wno-char-subscript don't work

-Wuninitialized vs. docs vs. setjmp/longjmp

19991019 ICE compiling on i586-pc-linux-gnu

19991023 ICE compiling XFree86

19991023 segfault compiling XFree86

19991025 chk-ICE at config/pa/pa.c:3895 compiling gcc/libgcc2.c(_moddi3) on hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20

19991025 chk-ICE at dwarfout.c:1176 compiling gcc/frame.c on i586-pc-unixware7

19991025 ICE at expr.c:6502 compiling gcc/libgcc2.c(_muldi3) on i586-pc-linux-gnu

19991025 ICE at insn-output.c:412 compiling gcc/libgcc2.c(_divdi3) on mips-sgi-irix6.5

19991025/g77 686 unrolling bug at -O2

19991027 bootstrap fails

19991027 ICE compiling x11perf

19991030 ICE in libstdc++ testsuite

2.95.1 bug

2.95.1 Internal Compiler Error

2.95.1 won't compile SQUID-2.2

2.95.1: warning about exceptions with -fno-exceptions

2.96 19991025 x86 minor codegen bug

[BUG REPORT] Internal Compiler Error

[Fwd: g77 (egcs-1.1.2): warning: multiple common of ...]

\r in fixincl output

__attribute__ and built-in types


`volatile' undeclared in class/function template.


Address of bitfields

ambiguity in operator delete

Ambiguous G++ name mangling grammar

Anonyous unions prevent proper linking.

Another bogus change

Another problem: initializer_constant_valid_p

ARM platform: Error - Can not represent OFFSET_IMM8 relocation

ARM platform: internal error - unrecognizable insn

array initializer problem

Re: as error under HPUX 11, happens on HPUX10.20 too

assignment problem with doubles: getting -NaN unexpectedly

assuming & on overloaded member function incorrectly reported

backspace/endfile combination bug

Bad gperf option building gcc 2.95.2

Bad performance of g++ on HP-UX???

bison not found

bool vs bool* bug in v 2.8.1

bootstrap bug on linux

bootstrap bug on solaris

bootstrap error of ss-19991013

bootstrap error with autoheader

bootstrap fails when building with BOOT_CFLAGS=-O3

bootstrap failure for egcs-1.1.2 and gcc-2.95.1

bootstrap failure for sparcv9 target

bootstrap failure on 19991029 for i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bootstrap failure on alpha with current CVS

Bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bootstrap failure on IRIX6

Bootstrap failure on native Linux x86 - crashes in flow.c

Bootstrap failure on x86-linux-gnu

bootstrap failure with cvs current and --enable-checking

Re: bootstrap ICE with --enable-checking in dwarf2out.c, current cvs

bootstrap on linux-i686-pc-gnu succceeds again

bootstrap problem with ss-19991004

bootstrap problem: i386-pc-solaris-2.7, using GNU as

bootstrapping fails with current CVS version



Bug -- what else? 8=}

Bug ?

Bug concerning using-declarations in gcc-2.95.1

Bug fix missed in gcc-2.95.2

Re: bug in -fschedule-insns and -O

bug in 2.95.2, c++, IRIX 6.5.4f

bug in C preprocessor

Re: Bug in c++ 2.95.1

Bug in cross-gcc egcs-19991004 compiled on i586-pc-cygwin32 gcc 2.95

Bug in current snapshots.

Bug in egcs-2.91.66 - double comparisons

Re: Bug in g++2.95.1 syntax parsing(not exists in g++

Re: bug in g77 (gcc 2.95)

Bug in gcc

A bug in gcc 2.95, perhaps?

Bug in gcc-2.95.1/Solaris2.6/STL class map

Bug in GCJ (from 2.95.2 release)

Bug in manual for gcc-2.95: __FUNCTION__

Bug in new genrecog?

Bug in register allocation for long longÆ?ü^¹¥¨?

Bug in std::string::compare(const char*,size_t, size_t)

Bug in the egcs-19991019 snaphot (crash during ligcc2.a generation)

Bug in valarray

Bug installing 2.95.1 on Solaris

Bug Report

Bug report

bug report

Bug report


Bug report


bug report

Bug report

RE: Bug report (cont'd)

Bug report (fwd)

Re: bug report (fwd)

Bug report (Template_arg::user_type)

Bug report - cpp, x86

bug report : avoid pointers to member...

Bug report for 2.95.2

Bug report for g++ 2.95.1

Bug report gcc version 2.95.1 19990816 (release)

Re: bug report in gcc-2.8.1 and egcs-1.1.1

Bug report: Absolute function calls

Bug Report: Bug in Header files for SPARC platform

bug report: gcc internal error 980711

Bug report: gcc version egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux (egcs-1.1.2 release)

Bug Report: ICE in 2.96 19991019

Re: BUG REPORT: internal compiler error

bug with __builtin_apply on gcc >


BUG: ANSI C++ forbids declaration ... with no type


bugreport: egcs-19990927 c++ building groff on HP-UX 11 fails


Bugs in gcc

Bugs reports

build failure in 2.96 19991006

Build failure of egcs-19991004 on Linux/Alpha

Build failure with --enable-checking - egcs-19991014 - mips-sgi-irix6.5

building dll exports table with mingw32/MSW

building GCC on OpenServer. was: Please Help Me!

C program generates incorrect fp exception under gcc.

C++ 2.96 19991022 (i686-pc-linux-gnu): ICE in `scan_region', at except.c:2611

C++ bug: va_arg & aggr type

C++ GC failure with the i960 port

C++ in current CVS mainstream version broken

C++ internal compiler error on alpha MySQL 3.22.27

C++ Templete function internal error bug report

Re: C++ to C compiler

C++/DWARF2 build failure in libstdc++

calls.c:2697: `alignment_pad' undeclared

can't bootstrap cexp.c on alpha

cannot install gcc-2.95.2 on OSF/1 V3.2

catch () problem with 2.95.1

clobbered warning

Clobbered warning for -Wall

Re: Code compiled fine under 2.8.1 but fails to compile under 2.95.1

Code generation error from gcc-2.96

Code generation problem with gcc-2.95.1 as m68k-elf cross-compiler

common_type called with uncommon member types (compiler error)

Compilation problem

Compilation problem using gcc please help

Compile error/STL map (attachement forgotten)

Compiler bug....

Compiler bug.... (resent)

Compiler erro

Re: Compiler error in gcc-2.95.1 on SunOS ao470 4.1.3_U1 3 sun4

compiler hang

Compiling error for alpha-osf1-3.2

Compiling gcc 2.95.1 on AIX problem

configure forces use of threads under 10.20

const and conversion sequence

Conversion problem with latest CVS

convert_regs_1 ICE

Could you help me out?

cp/decl.c not ISO C

cpp using cpplib fails to preprocess asm code

crash @ malloc.c:2777

Crash doing apache compilation

crash of egcs snaphost 19991013 (linux-Intel -> rtems-ppc)

Cross Compiler Build Probem

Cross compiler build problem

cross compiling from Linux to Sparc-solaris

CVS 2.96 991020-snapshot: SIG11 in gc-common.c on Objective-C code

CVS ICE in gcse.c:delete_null_pointer_checks() compiling GLX

Deleting a virtual base class pointer gives segmentation fault.

deregister_frame_info w/o register?

Different behaviour when compiling with or without the optimizer

dmalloc and __throw

Do you use your laptop in the car?

dynamic shared library that includes both C++ and C sources

egcs 1.1 bug

egcs 1004 libgcc2.c:884: Internal compiler error in 'allocate_reload_reg', at reload1.c:5557 under SCO Unix 3.2v4.0

egcs 2.95.1 exceptions don't work in .so (Solaris) and possible solution

EGCS Full Bug Report

egcs, redhat linux 6.0, compilation option -fall-virtual

Re: egcs-1.1.2 create abstract class

Re: egcs-19990824: g++ -g -O generating bad assembly on x86linux glibc-2.1.1

egcs-19991004 irix6.5 bootstrap failure - ICE in `gen_type_die', at dwarf2out.c:9242

egcs-19991004: ICE on SPARC Linux

egcs-19991004: Missing DBLX_MAX on sparc-linux

egcs-19991013 - ICE in `schedule_region', at haifa-sched.c:6762

egcs-19991013 bootstrap failure

egcs-19991013 ICE warning

Re: egcs-19991013 irix6.5 bootstrap failure - ICE in `gen_type_die', at dwarf2out.c:9242

egcs-19991013 irix6.5 bootstrap failure - ICE in `gen_type_die', at dwarf2out.c:9242

Re: egcs-19991013 irix6.5 bootstrap failure - ICE in `gen_type_die',at dwarf...

egcs-19991013: crash in cc1 compiling BYTE benchmarks

egcs-19991019 doesn't bootstrap on Red Hat Linux 6.0

egcs-19991019 ICE for linux to mingw cross compiler

egcs-19991019 on sparc-redhat-linux boostrap failure

egcs-19991019 self-compilation failure on x86/linux

egcs-19991025 doesn't bootstrap with -march=pentiumpro

egcs-2.95.1 on alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d has minor problems with stdargs.h

egcs-Bug ?


EH bug: throw eats stack memory with -O3 on x86

Re: enable-checking problems on PPC

enable-checking: Tree check: expected real_cst, have var_decl in fold-const

erroneous "clobbering" warning when using setjmp() (reproducible, w/ small source)

Re: Erroneous use of stl creates internal compiler error...

Error with template template args (gcc2.95.1)

Errors encountered when try to compiler GCC as a cross compiler

Exception handling bug (1): gcc-2.95.2 (unfixed from gcc-2.95.1)

Exception handling bug (2): gcc-2.95.2 (unfixed from gcc-2.95.1)

export keyword support

Failed builds of 10/19/1999 CVS?

failed installation

Failure in libio testsuite with 2.95.x and current 2.96 CVS version

Fatal Errors during GCC (2.95.1) make on Solaris 2.6

file mcrt1.o: open failed.

floating point error

flow.c::5972 on alpha

forgot preprocessed output, sorry [Fwd: possible bug in gcc-2.95.xxx on ultrasparc Solaris 2.7 with mcpu=ultrasparc]

fortran compiler

forwarded message from Godmar Back

Found possible bug in dynamic_cast

Free Web Design CDROM offer (businesses only)

Re: FreeBSD bootstrap failure: include/stdio.h:311: parse error before `_BSD_DUMMY_VA_LIST_'

FreeBSD bootstrap failure: include/stdio.h:311: parse error before`_BSD_DUMMY_VA_LIST_'

friend function error in template with default type parameter

Re: Function with variable number of arguments.

g++ 2.95.1 Linux 2.2.5

G++ 2.95.1 (RH6.0): bad name mangling, invalid assembly results.

G++ 2.95.1 (RH6.0): bad name mangling, invalid assembly results. (1/3)

G++ 2.95.1 (RH6.0): bad name mangling, invalid assembly results. (2/3)

g++ 2.95.1 and 2.95.2 bug ?

g++ 2.95.2 : ICE at dwarf2out.c:10054

g++ bug

g++ bug report

g++ ICE on alpha/Linux

Re: G++ says "Internal compiler error"

g++ using-decl ``frequently reported bug'' variations give ICEs

g++-2.95.1 mess with nested templates and inheritance

g++-2.95.1: <internal>:0: Internal compiler error.

g77 (egcs-1.1.2): warning: multiple common of ...

g77 -fno-automatic default

Re: g77 2.95 bug (Internal compiler error in `final_scan_insn')

G77 internal compiler error

g77-2.96 -ffast-math breaks min(), max()


GC (?) problems in cp/call.c - ICE with --enable-checking

GC bug

gcc - Bug (?) - which isn't

gcc 2.8 compiler for solaris

Gcc 2.8.1 & 2.95 No rule to make target `3.2'?

GCC 2.95 & 2.95.1 compiler build error

gcc 2.95 COM header file errors

Re: gcc 2.95 does not compile on NetBSD 1.4/i386

Re: gcc 2.95 optimizer bug?

gcc 2.95.1 -- internal compiler error

gcc 2.95.1 / haifa / powerpc / internal error

GCC 2.95.1 AMD K6 -O2 Problem

gcc 2.95.1 bug

GCC 2.95.1 Bug Report

gcc 2.95.1 causes an assembler error on Solaris 2.6

gcc 2.95.1 compiling apache code with "-O"

gcc 2.95.1 internal error

gcc 2.95.1 on DGUX 4.0f

gcc 2.95.1 on rh linux 6.0 operator template internal error

Gcc 2.95.2pre, Internal compiler error


gcc bug (2.95.1)

gcc Bug Report

Re: gcc bug with c++: internal compiler error

gcc bug?

gcc causing bus-error on solaris

gcc error

GCC error: displacement must be greater than...

gcc generates misleading error message

GCC help/bug

gcc info file: `-Q' option presented twice

gcc internal error

Gcc optimization bug. (fwd)

GCC Question

Re:- gcc sqrt function

GCC STL probllem with <string> encountered

gcc web pages out of sync

gcc, g++ bug (?)

gcc-2.95 and mainline fixincl bug breaking AIX header file

gcc-2.95.1 (Intel) & Stepanov Benchmark failures

gcc-2.95.1 (Intel) & Stepanov Benchmark failures -- now ok

gcc-2.95.1 bug

gcc-2.95.1 installation probelm on solaris 2.6

gcc-2.95.1 on AIX 4.1.5

gcc-2.95.1, templates, internal compiler error

gcc-2.95.1: problem calling destructor on typedef of int within a namespace

gcc-2.95.2 bug? (Unable to generate reloads for:)

gcc-2.95.2 bug? (Unable to generate reloads for:) + .ii

gcc-2.95.2 compiler bug:

gcc-2.95.2 doesn't compile on AIX 4.1.5 due to missing -bbigtoc in Makefile

gcc-2.95.2 Internal Compiler error on Alpha

gcc-2.95.2pre unrolling bug: abort in haifa-sched.c

GCC-2.96: va_arg is ignored when its result is not used

gcc-2_95-branch libobjc problem

gcc2.95.1 error while compiling mySQL 3.22.27

GCJ bug

Re: gcj may create bogus filenames with -save-temps

gcs-g++-19990927 snapshot Internal compiler error in `expand_expr', at expr.c:5789

gcs-g++-19990927 snapshot: const within class causes spurious allocations

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glib-1.2.6 compile failed

GNU C++ version 2.96 19991013 (experimental) (sparc-sun-solaris2.7): Internal compiler error.

GNU C++ version 2.96 19991025 (experimental) (sparc-sun-solaris2.7): Internal compiler error.

Help! Compiling cross-compiler cygnus -> linux

hex float constants broken

Homeworkers Needed!



HP-UX 11.00 support status

HP/UX 10.20 vanilla <-> gcc-2.95.2

I think this is a bug...(arguments given to macro 'erase')

I want to convert a long integer to a string.

i386 clobbering

ICE for when dllimport class with virtual function

ICE in `expand_expr', at expr.c:6524 (G++ 2.96 19991012, i686-pc-linux-gnu)

ICE in build_insn_chain for mips64-elf

ICE in gcc-2.95.1 on alpha/Linux

ICE in libstdc++-v3 std_complex.h

ICE on ARM Linux when bootstrapping with current CVS tree...

ICE when building libobjc...

ICE with glibc and current egcs

ICE with ss-19991019

Re: ICE, OSF/1, egcs-19990927

Immediate string incorrectly placed in read only memory

inconsistent behavior with string literals and char*

Incorrect loop generation code generated by gcc-2.95.2 configured for PPC target (powerpc-rtems) (extracted directly from cvs the 21/10/99)

Re: Incorrect loop generation code generated by gcc-2.95.2 configured for PPC target (powerpc-rtems) (extracted directly from cvs the 21/10/99)

Incorrect optimization of inlined functions?

Incorrect optimization on PowerPC due to volatile keyword (gcc-2.95.1 official)

incorrect sparc code emitted by gcc 2.8.1

init_alias_analysis called twice

Re: Inline Functions don't have Internal Linkage without -O option

Inner class template bug persists in gcc-2.95.2

inner class template patch for gcc-2.95.2?

insn-attrtab now takes forever to compile

insn-attrtab vs. VM usage

FW: Installation of Bison

Re: Internal compile error/g++-2.91.66/Linux

internal compiler error

Internal Compiler Error

internal compiler error

Internal compiler error

internal compiler error

Re: Internal compiler error

internal compiler error

Internal compiler error (dwarfout_finish, dwarfout.c:6102)

Internal Compiler Error (gcc 2.95 on ev6)

Internal compiler error ...

Internal compiler error 109

Internal compiler error 2000. (2.95.1)

Internal compiler error 980711

internal compiler error by compiling qt-1.44

Internal compiler error from g++ 2.95.1 on i386-pc-solaris2.5.1

internal compiler error from gcj

internal compiler error gcc 2.91.57

internal compiler error in 2.95.1

Re: Internal Compiler error in 2.95.1 && 2.96

Internal compiler error in `calculate_needs', at reload1.c:1

Internal compiler error in `change_address', at emit-rtl.c:1604

Re: Internal compiler error in function fatal_insn

internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.1 on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Re: internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.2 on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Internal compiler error in template class (fwd)

Re: Internal compiler error on incomplete expression statement

internal compiler error when compiling Mesa 3.0 with gcc 2.95 on linuxppc R5

Re: internal compiler error when compiling Mesa 3.0 with gcc 2.95on linuxppc R5

Internal compiler error when creating dwarf2 debug info on Irix-6.4

Internal Compiler Error with 2.95.1

Internal Compiler error with C++

internal error as long long in C source

Internal error building gcc 2.95 on NetBSD 1.3.2

Internal error on i589-linux-gnu with 2.95.2

internal error with default function template argument

Re: Internal Error, Test<void> instantiation

invalid relocations generated for debug info (C++)

iostream.h:49: Internal compiler error

IRIX - many thanks

Keep in touch.

latest CVS bootstrap failure on Solaris with Sun cc.

libobjc With --enable-c-cpplib

Link time problems ....

Linking error with Monday's cvs build...

Linux Problem

little try block problem

Mail order software, hardware, DVD & Video Movies, N64 & Sony Video Games

make bootstrap fails on my i586-pc-linux-gnu

make bootstrap ICE in stage1 under hpux10.20 with current CVS main

Re: make bootstrap ICE in stage1 under hpux10.20 with current CVSmain

Make bootstrap problem on AIX 4.3.2


memmove w/ 1-byte offset

More merge lossage

RE: MP3 Download

multiset forward iterator is const

Namespace problem with gcc 2.95.1

need make dependencies

new bug

new failures

New ICE ...


No Bug, BUT....

Re: Non-inline constructor definition of internal template class in another template class, fails.

Non-inline constructor definition of internal template class in another template class, fails.

Objective-C thr-posix bugs and additions.

Re: Obsolete pedwarns in c-decl.c:grokdecl

One ICE (cream) for you

one test case, two bugs (C++ & backend)

operator new with placement

Optimization bug (?)

Re: optimization bug in GCC 2.95.1 on sparc?

Optimization causing Internal Compiler Error

optimizer bug with inlined x86 floor() function

Re: Optimizer is putting result of a log into the wrong reg

parse error in nested templates

Parse Error on explicit type conversion

passing part of struct in

A patch for reg-stack.c

Re: PATCH: egcs-1.1.2 cpp SEGV on omitted stringified rest arg

PATCH: Parse '@class' properly (was: Re: libobjc With --enable-c-cpplib)

please answer this

Please Help Me!

Re: pointers to overloaded member functions

possible bug in gcc 2.95.1 (C++)

possible bug in gcc-2.95.xxx on ultrasparc Solaris 2.7 with mcpu=ultrasparc

possibly incorrect error message (gcc 2.7.2/linux)

PPC -fpic bug introduced recently

preprocessor bug (probably with many releases)

preprocessor problem

Re: problem

problem because of signed bitfield compares

Problem installing ddd on OSF1 4.0E

problem porting using gcc on LYNX OS

Problem using STL (set)

Problem with extern "C"

problems compiling gcc 2.95.[12] for sparc64-linux using --with-cpu=sparc

Problems configuring gcc 2.95.1

Problems with exception handling in conjunction with shared

problems with gcc 2.95.* on HP-UX 11.00



protoize.c not ISO C

pthread problems on HP-UX 11.00 - more information

Re: qt-2_0_2_tar.gz

question about RTL

Random signal 4 and 11 with gcc 2.95+kernel 2.2.12

rare bug

redefinition in stl_hash_fun.h

reload error in current CVS gcc version

Rename your site "www.yourname.xx.yy"

Repository bug : i586-pc-linux-gnu, gcc-2.95.2 (and potential fix?)

Repository fails on i586-linux (2.2.13)

Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown

Segmentation fault in GC with gcc

Segmentation Fault with shared c++ library

segv in memcpy on alpha

segv in memcpy on alpha (2)

segv in memcpy on alpha (3)

segv memcpy alpha in 2.95.2


Shared library bug

Re: Signal 11 during compilation (with ftp URL for prep. file)

signature S / ... S::f(...) const doesn't work !

Re: snapshot 0920 on IRIX 6.5.4

Source code bug for memchr.h

sparc-sun-solaris2.6: Bootstrap error for current CVS

Re: Spurious runtime error using g++ under Linux

stack alignment bug in gcc 2.95.1

stack alignment bug in gcc 2.95.2

Re: State1/xgcc gives out Internal complier error during 'make bootstrap' (gcc-2.95.1)

Re: Static Template Data Members on AIX 4.3.2

still invalid relocations generated for debug info (C++)

STL in gcc 2.95.1

Re: stl_algo.h name conflict with gcc internal

Stop others from using your computer!!! 4291

Strange output code

Suggestions for the ultrasparc scheduler.

Template bug

template friend function bug

test g77.f-torture/compile/19990905-1.f should fail

Test please delete

Testsuite problem? - no objdump on irix6.5?

Throwing fubarred on i686-pc-linux-gnu?

Too many errors?

type_info not initialized

Re: typedef - bug?

Undesirable cast being called in const casting (C++)

undetected overloading ambiguity ?

update to status of Solaris 7 dynamic linker bug with GCC

urgent vidoe and film job

v850-gcc (fatal signal 6)

va_list definition in va-alpha.h

Variable length array may produce the error: "size of array `arr' is too large".

version 2.95 Solaris 2.7 bug

We can Cut your Credit Card debt in Half

We Need Homeworkers!

Where is the output

Wishlist: const char * __CLASS__ within member definitions

x86 assembly output

Re: x86 code generation bug

You're a winner!

Your change to expr.c

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