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#ifdef __STL_USE_NAMESPACES (stl_iterator.h, line #88)


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'0824 snapshot build failure on alpha-dec-osf4.oe

'?:' bug in C++? (gcc version 2.95)

'as' failed in GCC 2.95.1 on Solaris 2.5.1/SPARC

'gcc -V' no longer works properly between 2.95 and older versions

'Internal compiler error in 'dwarfout_finish', at dwarfout.c:6098' in 2.95

(2nd try) [gcc-2.95.1] Re: Internal compiler error 61. (another c++ code that no longer compile under under 2.95)

Re: (no subject given!)

*sigh* building GCC

--enable-checking testsuite failures, current CVS, x86

-Bsymbolic problem

-fhandle-signatures is deprecated and testcases

-Wno-return-type doesn't seem to work.

/libstdc++-2.90.6 make error


Re: 2.95 didn't install


2.95.1 on AIX 4.1.5

2.95.1 Sparc backend bug

2.95: Alpha ev6 float compare problem

2.95: make install fails with relative path

2.95: nested constructors seem to cause unwarranted error in this situation.

Re: 2.95: nested constructors seem to cause unwarranted error inthis situation.

[BUG] C preprocessor bug

Re: [Bug]: non-static arrays stored in object file

[c++] Re: Bootstrap failure on OSF4 libio/isscan.cc in call to va_start

[C++] SEGV in mapcar() with a CALL_EXPR

[CVS source] bootstrap failure on Solaris-2.[56]

[Fwd: Bug report - g++ (egcs-2.90.27)]

[Fwd: BUG: 2.95.1 19990809 (sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1)]

[Fwd: Compilation failed]

[Fwd: Re: Bug in http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/faq.html#bugreport]

[gcc patch] Re: libgcj build bug

[gcc-2.95.1] Re: Internal compiler error 61. (another c++ code that no longer compile under under 2.95)

[IRIX 6.2] C++ ICE building N64 libgcj 2.95

[PATCH] Re: [C++] SEGV in mapcar() with a CALL_EXPR

[patch] Re: GCC 2.95 Solaris7 i86pc compilation fail with -g generates internal compiler error

Re: [patch] Re: GCC 2.95 Solaris7 i86pc compilation fail with-g generates internal compiler error

Re: [patch] Re: GCC 2.95 Solaris7 i86pc compilation fail with-g generates internal compiler error

[Solaris 2.5.1] C++ ICE on bogus #pragma directive

__builtin_longjmp problem

__extension__ doesn't affect -Wpointer-arith

About Templates

ACE 5.0 and GCC 2.95 Problems


AIX/g++ const structs containing function addresses fail.

alpha Tru64 config bug? DU 4.0b & 2.95

Annoying warning from gcc 2.95 prerelease

Anonymous structures

Another GCC 2.95 problem

Another m68k bug in gcc

apparent codegen bug on sparc

FW: Apparent SH3-DSP and SH4 compiler bugs encountered

attribute ((packed)) on variables

auto_ptr operator=() bug

behaviour of typeof () changed

big slowdown in egcs-1.1.2->gcc-2.95 on alpha

boostrap fails on Solaris 2.7 with gnu tools

Bootstrap error on arm-netbsd1.4 (release branch)

Bootstrap failure on OSF4 libio/isscan.cc in call to va_start

Bootstrap failure on Solaris

bootstrap failure, current CVS, enable-checking

Bootstrap failure: insn-flags.h:485: `#else' after `#else'

Brain damage in c++ compiler

Re: bug

Bug after compiling teTeX with gcc 2.95.1 on solaris 2.7.

Bug in -frepo (gcc-2.95 and earlier egcs releases)

Bug in collect2.c

Bug in compiling gcc 2.95 ?

bug in fix-header for SunOS 4.1.3

bug in gcc 2.95

bug in gcc 2.95.1 on SPARC Solaris

Bug in gcc 2.96

Bug in gcc-2.95 configured for i686-wrs-vxworks on cygwin

Bug in Header File

Bug in http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/faq.html#bugreport

Bug in optimization gcc2.95 ans gcc2.95.1

A bug in optimization og g77

BUG in routine subst() in gcc/combine.c

Bug in template typefefs

bug in testsuite FAQ entry?

Bug in Ultrasparc climits

Bug on objective-C on gcc-2.95

bug report

Bug Report

bug report

Re: Bug Report

Re: bug report

Bug report

bug report

Bug report

Re: bug report

RE: Bug report

bug report

Bug report (Documentation)

Bug Report - gcc 2.95, Hitachi SH target

Bug report while compiling Crystal Space 14

Re: Bug Report, egcs_ss_19990623 ARM

Bug report...compiling kdelibs-1.1.1 with egcs-1.1.2-12

Bug report: g++ egcs-2.91.66 error 892

Bug report: gcc 2.95 backwards incompatible w.r.t.

bug report: implicit type conversions + templates + typedef + function argument

Bug report: Strange behavior of g++ egcs-2.91.66

Bug Report?

Bug with -Woverloaded-virtual on gcc 2.951

Bug with __noreturn__ giving bogus warnings in g++ 2.91.66

Re: Bug with enum defined inside function

Bug with exceptions and g++ 2.95

bug with gcc 2.95 and C: "-O -fschedule-insns"

bug with HUGE_VAL and C++ initializer lists

Bug with stabs output

Re: Bug#43478: GCC internal compiler error while compiling current qt1g package

Bug: C++ cp/semantics.c

BUG: gcc2.9.5-1 and mingw32 don't compile

Re: Bug: Wrong code generated with -funroll-loops (C, not C++ !)

BUG:cannot convert a pointer


BUG? sorry, not implemented: `tree_list' not supported by dump_type

Re: Bugreport on g77-2.95 19990629 (prerelease)


Build of gcc2.95 failed on Solaris 2.7

build on DEC OSF 3.2C

build problem with GCC 2.95

building gcc on IRIX 6.5

Re: built gcc 2.95 on i386-pc-bsdi3.1

c++ __builtin_va_list problem

c++ and loop unrolling

C++ attributes ?

C++ Bug, recent template changes

C++ BUG: Recent change

C++ bug?

c++ code that no longer compile under under 2.95

C++ floatin point bug

C++ gcc-2.95. bug/problem

C++ ICE: template + friend + typedef

C++ optimization error

C++ parse error in gcc 2.95

C++ patch for try/catch in exception members

C++ preprocessing error in gcc 2.95 for RTEMS

C++ regression from gcc 2.95 to gcc 2.95.1

C++ throw() dumps core on sunos 5.5.1

C++, 2.95: ICE on debug output with arrays

C++, 2.95: ICE with ?: operator

C++, 2.95: Maybe bug with nested template specialization

C++, 2.95: Maybe bug with nested template specialization (variant)

C++, 2.95: Problem with matching of function signatures

C++, 2.95: Two ICEs on ill-formed address of template function

C++: Another template/namespace problem

C++: fix for template ICE

C++: ICE 61

C++: namespace triggers an ICE in 19990621

C++: SYMBOL_REF in eh node->entry->outer_context

C++: template in namespace

Can't compile ANY compile (egcs or gcc) with gcc 2.95, Heeeaalp!

Can't compile Gcc 2.95 with gcc 2.95 bug or just a stupid thing to do?

cant bootstrap alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d - __builtin_saveregs not supported

Casting of Floating Point Data Types to Ints

casting to char arrays produces strange effects

Re: chars and bools

class scope bug in g++ 2.95

Code snippet causing the well known internal compiler error in scan_region

common_type called with uncommon member types (compiler error)

compilation error

compilation error of odd C/C++ program

compilation erros in CVS

compile error

Compile problem for GCC 2.95.1 on HP-UX 11.0

Re: compile time error...

compiler build fails on solaris 2.6

Compiler error on empty function?

Compiling GNUstep BinaryTreeNode.m ends in failure

conditional expression error

Conflict between GCC C++ and Solaris 2.6

Re: Conflict between GCC G++ and Solaris 2.6

const qualified pointers

constructor attribute doesn't work in g++ 2.95

Conversion warnings in g++-2.95

core-dump in g++ 2.95: -fomit-frame-pointer

cpp crashes after "macro used with just one arg"

Cross compile is broken?

Cross GCC 2.95.1 Build Failure (Host HPUX-10.20, Target thumb-coff)

Cross-build problem...

Current CVS - crash in flow

Customized, Webpage Banners "ONLY" $50.00

declaration of friend template class

Difficulties in installation.

dwarfout_finish bug

dynamic linking of c++ libs / gcc2.95 - binutils

Dynamic loader problem

egcs 2.91.66 'sizeof' operator

Re: egcs 2.95-19990629 crash.

egcs c++ bug report

egcs conversion warning bug (-Wconversion)

egcs simple multithreaded program bug on AIX 4.3

Re: egcs-19990718 ICE for Hitachi SH target

egcs-19990808 movstr bug for SuperH

egcs-19990824/g77 ICE on x86 with optimization

egcs-19990824/g77 x86 ICE simplified

egcs-19990824: g++ -g -O generating bad assembly on x86 linux glibc-2.1.1

egcs-19990830 on sparc-sun-linux crash

Erroneous Message: ANSI C++ forbids declaration `TibErr' with no type

Error building cross i686-pc-linux-gnu -> i386-wrs-vxworks5.4

error compiling gcc-2.95 1990728 with gnat 3.11p

Error compiling templates

error in config.guess for HP9000

Error on compiling 2.95.1 for c4x

error whem compile lyx-1.0.3

Re: errors with gcc-2.95

execute/950503-1.c failing at all optimization levels on x86

Re: ezmlm warning

Re: fail to build libstdc++ in gcc-2.95

Fatal error with signatures in gcc-2.95

A few bugs in gcc-2.95.1

fflush not working on egcs-2.91.66 (linux kernel 2.2.5-15)

fixincludes sed patterns use @ as a delimiter

Free Money On The Net

FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT / gcc version egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2release)

Fun little bug

Function Object Bug

g++ (ver 2.95) crashes on DEC OSF1 with Internal compiler error 61

g++ -vs Java boolean

G++ 2.9.5 undefined reference to stdlibfunction problem.

G++ 2.95 (99R1) bug using -frepo

g++ 2.95 - const 2D array init bug?

g++ 2.95 bug: template fails with local array

g++ 2.95 bug: template invalidates code

g++ 2.95 ICE using typeof extension

g++ 2.95 Internal compiler error (stl problem?)

G++ 2.95 Internal Error in `const_hash'

G++ 2.95(.1): Internal error with -O2 on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

G++ 2.95, 2.95.1 can't read libgcc.a

G++ 2.95, Internal compiler error.

g++ 2.95.1 : internal error--unrecognizable insn

g++ 2.95.1 i386-linux internal error

g++ 2.95.1 i386-linux internal error (smaller!)

g++ 2.95: -fdefer-pop bug

g++ 2.95: Internal compiler error in `assign_stack_temp_for_type', at function.c:937

g++ 2.96 new ICE with templates.

G++ allows acces to private definition in nested classes

G++ allows illegal template type arguments

G++ BUG: map<string,list<string> > on solaris-2.6

g++ from gcc 2.95 on MIPS: Internal compiler error in `output_die', at dwarf2out.c:5421

g++ generates faulty code when casting member function pointer after function call

g++ Internal compiler error on Linux 2.2

g++ try-block code generation bugs still present in 2.95.1

g++-2.95 bug

g++-2.95 compiler error

g++: suggestion for warning dealing with exception handling


g77 2.95 bug (Internal compiler error in `final_scan_insn')

g77 bug report

g77 bug with const argument

g77 bug with ENTRY statement

g77/gdb problem

g77: problems with allocating more than 64M doubles or .5 G bytesto an array

Re: g77: problems with allocating more than 64M doubles or .5 Gbytes to an array


gc 2.95 compile error

gcc -pedantic -w xyz.cc

gcc 2.9.5 question

Re: gcc 2.91; header file conflict

Re: gcc 2.91; header file conflict

gcc 2.95 & guile-1.3 on Irix 6.5.4

GCC 2.95 - Exceptions on NeXT

gcc 2.95 / mips-tx39-elf / internal error--unrecognizable insn:

gcc 2.95 : internal compiler error with qt 1.44

gcc 2.95 and 2.95.1-Problems

gcc 2.95 and CONFIG_SITE environment variable

Re: gcc 2.95 and libstdc++/stdexcepti.cc

gcc 2.95 bootstrap fail on HPUX 9.05

gcc 2.95 bug

gcc 2.95 bug on alpha-dec-osf2.0

gcc 2.95 c++ access control bug

GCC 2.95 Crash Report

gcc 2.95 does not compile on NetBSD 1.4/i386

gcc 2.95 error on i386-pc-solaris2.5.1

gcc 2.95 forgets typedefs (Was: Improving C++ error messages)

GCC 2.95 ICE - mipsbsd r3000

gcc 2.95 ICE with -fno-rtti and Blitz++

GCC 2.95 installation trouble on LinuxPPC Release 5

GCC 2.95 on Solaris and shared objects...

Re: gcc 2.95 optimizer bug?

gcc 2.95 problem

GCC 2.95 Solaris7 i86pc compilation fail with -g generates internal compiler error

gcc 2.95 won't build ddd 3.1.6 on alpha targets

gcc 2.95(.1) bug: template + friend + overloaded operator

gcc 2.95(.1) bug: template + friend + overloaded operator (RETRY)

gcc 2.95, array cast produces strange effects

GCC 2.95.1

gcc 2.95.1 + SPARCSolaris problem

gcc 2.95.1 19990809 i386-linux: internal error at objc/objc-act.c:6914

GCC 2.95.1 19990816 (release) internal compiler error under Solaris 2.6

gcc 2.95.1 build fails on OpenServer 5.0.5a

gcc 2.95.1 build failure on alpha-dec-osf3.2

gcc 2.95.1 build problem

gcc 2.95.1 internal compiler error

gcc 2.95.1 Spurious Warning (minor)

GCC 2.95.1 Ultra Sparc code generation bug

gcc 2.95.1 unexpected code from asm section statement

gcc 2.95.1: 'make dvi' fails in g77.texi

gcc 2.95: Bug or Feature

GCC 2.95: exceptions + large prog + small stack == core

GCC 2.95: g++ generates incorrect stack order for sparc-sun-solaris2.7

GCC 2.95: pthreads always required for C++ exception handling for *-*-hpux

gcc 2.95{,.1} looping forever

gcc bug on solaris 2.7?

gcc compile bug...

GCC does not enforce access restrictions to typedefs.

gcc on solaris2.7 compare failed

GCC Optimizer Bug

gcc version 2.96 19990824 internal error

gcc won't compile from cvs on sparc

gcc-2.95 (release):: problems with -frepo and pair<>()

gcc-2.95 - sorry, not implemented: `exact_div_expr' not supported by dump_expr

gcc-2.95 -mk6 and -march=k6 flags.

gcc-2.95 19990802 : Failure compiling libgcc2

Re: gcc-2.95 `switch' handling / bootstrap failure

gcc-2.95 bug

gcc-2.95 bug report

gcc-2.95 buglet

gcc-2.95 configure bug when prefix is not parent of exec-prefix

gcc-2.95 crashes on arrays of pointers to members

gcc-2.95 failed to build

gcc-2.95 Hangs (fwd)

gcc-2.95 internal error

gcc-2.95 internal error: pointers to member functions

GCC-2.95 misparses certain trivial code

gcc-2.95 problem with libstdc++

gcc-2.95 under Compaq True Unix 4.0f

gcc-2.95-1 appears broken

gcc-2.95.1 (C++) ICE template return type

gcc-2.95.1 19990809 - Member template ICE (4 lines).

gcc-2.95.1 bug ( SPARC 64 bit mode )

gcc-2.95.1 build on irix, mabi=64 test missing for libiberty

gcc-2.95.1 configure patch for sco unix 3.2v4.0

gcc-2.95.1 configured for i386 builds code for i586

gcc-2.95.1 pedantic bug? some map template does not work within template function

gcc-2.95.1 reports an error instead of instanciating a conversion operator for a template reference.

gcc-2.95.1: g++ 'internal compiler error' messages

gcc-2.95.1: gcc_tooldir prefix/exec-prefix problem

gcc-2.95.1: internal compiler error

gcc-2.95.x -fwritable-strings bug.

gcc-2.95.x install on old sparc

gcc-2.95: Bug in iostream.cc on NeXT 3.3

gcc-2.95: internal compiler error with nested template

gcc-2.9[56] lookup problem

Re: gcc-bugs Digest 31 Jul 1999 20:05:06 -0000 Issue 383

gcc/NEWS not updated for gcc-2.95


gcc2.95 (C++) compile error

gcc2.95.1 install bug (problem)

gcj internal error while compiling libgcj-2.95

gcj may create bogus filenames with -save-temps

gdb-4.17; MS-DOS x m68k: stub problem

GNU C bug

gnu shared lib

gperf F option?

H8300: converting unsigned int to float

Help for Solaris 2.7

Help needed with parse error

Hi, pls help to understand this sentense !

horrible bug in gcc 2.95


i960-wrs-vxworks* redefined macro

ICE 109, templates, static init (gcc 2.95)

ICE 2000 [no, not the "ICE for a new millennium" ;-]

ICE => gcc 2.95.1/alpha-dec-osf4.0e

Re: ICE from gcc-2.96 19990630 (experimental) target=vax

ICE in C++ as of 8/29

ICE in gcc 2.95.1 on SPARC Solaris

ICE in gcc-2.95

ICE on mistyped back_inserter (GCC 2.95 on Cygwin)

ICE with g++ at expr.c:5701

ICE with gcc-2.95

ICE with gcc-2.95 on alpha (unrecognizable insn)

Re: Incorrect `might be used uninitialized' message

Inexplicable memcpy bug in gcc

infinite loop in find_avail_set

inline + static = ICE for g++

inner class in template class

Inner class template references fixed

Inner template classes confuse gcc-2.95 and gcc-2.95.1 compiler

Installation problems on sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1

Installation trouble on LinuxPPC Release 5

int a[0]={2};

Interaction of gcc-2.95 and gdb-4.18

Interal Compiler errors with libstdc++-V3 on i386-Solaris7

Internal compiler bug.

Internal compiler error

internal compiler error

Internal compiler error

internal compiler error

Re: Internal compiler error

Re: internal compiler error

Internal Compiler Error

Internal compiler error

internal compiler error

Internal Compiler error

internal compiler error

Internal compiler error (fwd)

Internal compiler error (program ld got fatal signal 10)

Internal Compiler Error - g++ 2.95.1

Re: Internal compiler error - pa.md

Internal compiler error 61. (another c++ code that no longer compile under under 2.95)

Internal compiler error at second stage for gcc 2.95 for Ultrix

internal compiler error for gcc 2.95.1

internal compiler error in 2.95 and 2.95.1 but not egcs-2.91.66

Internal Compiler error in 2.95.1 && 2.96

Internal compiler error in `dwarfout_finish', at dwarfout.c:6098

Internal compiler error in `emit_call_1' - vax-dec-ultrix4.3

Internal compiler error in `scan_region', at except.c:2566

internal compiler error in `subst_asm_stack_regs' for gcc 2.95 19990728 on Intel PII/Linux 2.2.10 arch


Internal Compiler Error in schedule_region()

Internal compiler error in xgcc while trying to build gcc-2.95.1

Internal compiler error w/ gcc-2.95

Internal compiler error when calling ~char() destructor

internal compiler error when compiling gcc-2.95

Internal compiler error with -fsyntax-only with #include <iterator>

internal compiler error with C++ / 2.95.1 19990809 Linux/AXP

internal compiler error with gcc 2.95 and libqt 2.0

Internal Compiler error with gcc-2.95.1 while compiling libstdc++-2.90.6

Internal compiler error with pointers to members.

re: Internal compiler error, Solaris2.6

internal compiler persists in gcc-2.95 and 2.95.1

Re: Internal compilier error 980711

Internal Error compiling egcs with 2.95

Internal error compiling libgcj-2.95 with gcc-2.95

Internal error in Mingw32

Internal error w/GCC-2.95.1 (soft-float emulation)

internal error with -fbranch-probabilities

internal error--unrecognizable insn:

internal error: template<template> - base initializer

is it a bug or not?

Is it a bug?

Is it correct: enum {a=6,}; ?

Is it possible to build shared lib using gcc and g77 ?

Is this a template bug in gcc-2.95.1 ?

JAVA: ICE in parse.y

ld core dump on Solaris 2.6

libgcc2 functions dosn't have attributes

libgcc2.c:888: Could not find a spill register / gcc-2.95.1 + sco unix 3.2v4.0

libgcj build bug

libgcj-snapshot-1999-08-27 on SunOS olympia 5.7 Generic i86pc i386 i86pc

linker problem

Re: linker problem [ld reports duplicate common when linking Fortran code on SuSe 6.1]

linking problems using gcc2.95.1

Long Long Int and gcc2.95

LQQK 2360

mainline cvs: arm-linux bootstrap failure


make bootstrap fails with segmentation fault in xgcc

Make check errors

make install problem for 2.95 on SPARC/Solaris 2.6


Re: Making clean

manual claims vsprintf args checked

Maybe it is a bug of GCC (2) ?

Maybe this is a bug of GCC?

mem_fun family (for_each, bind..)

Member of virtual classes incorrectly accessed in methods with no objet specification

minor .exe problem when building gcc 2.95

Re: Minor optimization of crt{begin,end}.o for ELF

mips -O2 floating args bug

misc quirks in recent MAIN branch

Re: Miscompilation of tetex-1.0.6 by gcc-2.95 (some more info)

misinterpreting a constructor for a function in gcc 2.95

Missing "control reaches end of non-void function" warning in egcs.

Missing files after installation of gcc-2.95

missing symbols on redhat linux

misuse of TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCTION in expr.c

MORE : gcc 2.95 : internal compiler error with qt 1.44

more re ICE 980422, member template classes

More template ICEing

MORE: GCC Optimizer Bug

mrtd bug

Multiple assignements

namespace lookup bug

Re: namespace related bug

namespace with Template bug

neat bug in alias analysis

nested templated class bug in version 2.95.1 19990816 (release)

Nested type names not always visible

new bootstrap failure in stage1 on mips-sgi-irix6.2

new bootstrap failure on Solaris *and* SunOS4. flow/combine/sched

new bootstrap failure on sparc, (undefined symbol) emit_float_lib_cmp

Re: New bug, namespaces plus friend templates

New ideas

Re: Obstack / type_hash_table corruption in tree.c

Odd linker error concerning virtual function

Optimization bug in C++

optimization bug in gcc-2.95

Optimizer bug in 2.95 for Solaris 2.6?

Optimizer Bug with gcc-2.95 on Solaris-(2.6|7)

Optimizer generates corrupted code.

Optimzer bug in egcs-2.91.66

Overload resolution error: gcc version egcs-2.91.60

parallel build and multi-lib libgcc.a?

parse error using gcc 2.95

Re: Parser bug?

PATCH for gcc2.95 vxworks5.4 compilers

Performance regression of 2.95 vs. 2.7, x86, loop-related

pgcc-2.91.66 19990314 and 2.3.14 (affs)

A PIC regression in gcc 2.95.1

Please disregard previous bug report.

possible bug

Possible bug

Possible bug in gcc 2.95 ?

Possible Chill bug, prototypes, ch/satisfy.c:safe_satisfy_decl()

possible va-alpha.h bug in DEC alpha gcc-2.95.1

Potential bug

Re: Potential bug in STL

pragma once

preprocessor issues

Prior bug submission

Problem building gcc 2.95.1 on NetBSD 1.4

Problem building libgcj-2.95

problem compiling gcc 2.9.5

Problem while installing GCC.

Problem with base and derived classes.

Problem with gcc 2.9.1 on Alpha/Unix 4.0E (mips-tfile)

Problem with gcc 2.95

Problem with gcc-2.95

Problem with nested template class.

problem with STL implementation

Problem/Bug in g++ 2.95?

Re: Problems building egcs-1.1.2 on SNI Reliant UNIX 5.43

Problems running "gmake check" on IRIX-6.5 and True64 Unix 4.0E

problems with ar

problems with free Red hat 6.0

Profiling trouble with C++ and egcs

program compiled incorrectly by gcc

ptimized compile never succeeds

Purify 4.1/Irix 6.2/gcc-2.95

Q. lang_unsave_expr_now which is correct gcc/tree.c or gcc/cp/tree.c?



Re: regclass/jump problems

Re: register allocation bug (BUG ID #3777)

regmove question

Repository problems in g++ 2.95

Return of the killer templates (gcc-2.95 ICE)

Fw: Returned message: Re: g++ -vs Java boolean

RTL checking bootstrap failure - related to new exceptions

Save By Clicking 3761

Re: sched/flow problem with memory corruption due to

sched/flow problem with memory corruption due to mark_set_resources

segfault in flow.c (mainline)

setting $prefix in /usr/local/share/config.site

Re: shared libstdc++ is broken on alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d

shorter test cases for template ICEs

should "char T[0];" compile?

SIGSEGV g++-3/stl_algobase.h:355 i486-pc-linux-gnulibc1/2.95.1

Re: Solaris 2.6 bootstrap failure: /usr/include/stdlib.h:111: arguments given to macro `abort'

Re: Solaris 2.6 bootstrap failure: /usr/include/stdlib.h:111: arguments given to macro `abort'

Solaris 2.6 bootstrap failure: /usr/include/stdlib.h:111: argumentsgiven to macro `abort'

Re: Solaris 2.6 bootstrap failure: /usr/include/stdlib.h:111:arguments given to macro `abort'

Solaris 7 and shared library, can't try/catch

Solaris, and building gcc 2.95

FW: sorry, not implemented: "namespace_decl" not supported by dum ptype

sorry, not implemented: `overload' ...

Re: sorry, not implemented: initializer contains unrecognized tree code

Re: sorry, not implemented: initializer contains unrecognizedtree code

Sparc version of gcc 2.95 can't catch from shared library throw

Spelling problems on WWW page

SS 990824 bad asm .align directive i686-pc-linux-gnu

SS 990830 bad asm .align directive i686-pc-linux-gnu

Re: ss-19990716 failure on sparc-solaris

stdcall function attribute doesn't work any longer

Re: stl_alloc.h: malloc_alloc out of memory handling abort()s instead

stl_alloc.h: malloc_alloc out of memory handling abort()s instead of using exceptions

Re: stl_alloc.h: malloc_alloc out of memory handling abort()s insteadof using exceptions

SunOS 5.6 / gcc 2.95 problem

Re: syntax error for egcs

template in namespace; constructor calls

template instantiation bug

template problem

template static members on BSD, HPUX in 2.95.1

template typedef confusion (gcc-2.95.1)

templated friend

templated friend ostream & operator <<

A test


Testsuite failure in gcc version 2.96 19990824 (experimental)

Tired Of Your Web Host -- We can help -- $9.95/mo web hosting

trouble compiling Qt on FreeBSD 3.2

trouble compiling the new Standard C++ Library V3

Try constructors kills exception mechanism when base class constructors throws one

Trying to build egcs-1.1.2 on dynix/sequent platform...

Type mismatch in gcc-2.95/gcc/f/com.h

typeid() problems (Internal compiler error 252 / Assembler errors)

Typo in invoke.texi

typos in gcc-2.95

Ultrasparc bug (Was: Prior bug submission)

unexpected conversion (feature or bug?)

Re: A unexpected result on string concatination with ANSI preprocessor

A unexpected result on string concatination with ANSIpreprocessor

Re: value_type problem

vector of abstract class

Re: vfork test on Solaris/Sparc

Re: vfork/sparc haifa scheduler bug

Virtual operator= bug

Vuoi guadagnare tanti soldi semplicemente ? Leggimi !!!

Re: warning in ios destructor in streambuf.h

warning: second parameter of `va_start' not last named argument

WG: dwarf2out.c on mips-sgi-irix6.5

Where is PATH_MAX?

Why did the compiler ...

Re: why is initialized struct being cleared first?

Wierd free() problem.

Will there be a gcc-2.95.2 in the next future?

wrong operator=() taken

XFree86 Won't compile...

xterm 112 and binutils fail to guess host type with gcc 2.95

Yet another template bug in gcc-2.95.1

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