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Solaris-problem with setting the appropriate LD/AS


In building egcs-1.1.1 from sources on a solaris2.5-sparc-10, I got
little problems I feel some of it might be flaws:

First of all I configured, built and installed it succesfully. The only as
on my system was the solaris as (/usr/ccs/bin/as), the same for ld.

After that I wanted to compile kde and felt I would have to use gnu-as.

So I got some binutils 2.9.1 from somewhere and installed it. I tried to
put the real-ld, real-as - links in /usr/ccs/bin, but egcs kept using
solaris-as/ld. (So long I didnt recompile.)

I ensured that gnu as, gnu ld are in search-path in front of the

Then I configured egcs with --with-as=/opt/gnu/bin/as and
rebuilt/installed it succesfully, he kept using /usr/ccs/bin/as.

Then I tried the same with --with-as=/opt/gnu/bin (you never know ...),
but all the same.

I didnt try to put ld,as (or links) somewhere in the egcs-tree, but I feel
the docs say, I need not.

Finally I looked over your nice mailing-list-archives and found a similar
issue for hp-based systems. So I looked over the source and hacked
I deleted the following lines from within this file:
/* Under svr4, the normal location of the `ld' and `as' programs is the
   /usr/ccs/bin directory.  */

#define MD_EXEC_PREFIX "/usr/ccs/bin/"

After that, everything worked great, which means, that the compiled and
installed egcs says:
hoehne@osiris 21:34 [/opt/tex/bin] gcc -print-prog-name=as
instead of /usr/ccs/bin/as as it was before. as isn't supplied with a
path as it was before. I configured with --with-as=/opt/gnu/bin.

I feel as those lines could be banned from svr4.h, but I am a novice to
that. Are there systems which depend on these lines? Can't you suppose
that ld and as are in PATH on every system, and therefore you will find it
whatever is happening? 

The sparc-include-file which includes svr4.h is full of repairs for wrong
defines from svr4.h. I suppose it would be a sensefull step to build an
own version from svr4.h or to split svr4.h into parts ...

So, thats for the damn bug-report.

If you want to reply to me please do it by private mail since I'm not on
the list.

Another "bug" ... nobody tells me something about bug-reporting within
egcs. This list is hidden on the website, and wether there nor in the
sources nor in the faq is a "send-you-bug-report-to" - hint, as far as I
see (thats not very far, indeed, but I really couldnt find it).

OK, stop bothering you,

Never dived for a disc?

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