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  • 1998-07-31 22:29 Jeffrey A Law
  • 1998-08-01 07:48 N8TM
  • 1998-08-01 07:52 N8TM
  • 1998-08-01 22:29 Jeffrey A Law

    "internal compiler error" in egcs-1.0.3

    "regression" on #include <strstream>

    "undefined reference to" errors

    Re: 'make check' 980315 on powerpc-unknown-linux-gnulibc1

    'only defines private ctor' warning - 2b smarter

    Re: --enable-shared doesn't work on Sun-3

    --without-local-prefix Does Not Work

    Re: -fcheck-memory-usage causes cc1 to segfault

    -Wwritestrings affects exceptions

    19980803 on alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d, make fails

    19980812 egcs_1_1_branch -- <prefix>/include not made


    19980816 hpux testsuite regressions

    19980824 bugs in initializing static const members

    19980824 member template specialization bugs?

    19980824 partial specialization bug with char/signed char

    2.91.54 ICE 892


    __attribute__ ((format (printf, ...))) doesn't work in C++ methods

    __builtin_apply fails on Sparc

    addressof overloaded static member function bug

    annoying warning generated

    Another bug in egcs-1.1 (PPC)

    Another implicit typename bug

    Another makefile nit: bison

    Re: Another PA-RISC bug

    another reproducible internal error for 1.0.3

    Apparent egcs 19980824 bug with -Wcast-qual

    Are private base classes really private ?

    array bound violation in frame.c

    assembler error when compiling

    autoconf/autoheader required in some cases

    Bad destructor results in Internal error in snapshot 19980803

    Bad instantiation of subclasses argument template with same name.

    Bad overload resolution

    Re: bad template instantiate

    bad template instantiate(?)

    basic_block_head[]/basic_block_tail[] questions

    Re: BeBox 66 problem 'make'-ing egcs-19980727

    Re: binutils not used correctly unless they appear in --prefix directory

    blitz build error

    bootstrap error on Irix 6.1

    Bootstrap failure with mainstream sources

    Bootstrap ICE in main trunk (latest).

    bootstrapping 19980803 with -fno-force-mem fails with internal error

    Bootstrapping main and release fail on mips-sgi-irix6.2 (R8000)


    Re: Bug building GIMP, minimal testcase included

    Bug fix for egcs-1.1

    Bug in egcs-1.0.3a/vsprintf.c

    Bug in egcs-1.1 (reduced testcase included)(PPC)

    Bug in egcs?

    bug in fstream get(Ch *p, streamsize n, Ch term )

    bug in g++ 2.7.2.f.1

    Re: Bug in gcc and egcs with .linkonce

    Bug in invoking virtual functions in g++ 2.8.1/egcs 1.0.3 release

    bug in istream::get(streambuf& sb, char delim)

    bug in static class char[]

    bug remains in 19980803

    bug report

    Bug Report

    bug report

    Bug report (egcs 1.0.2)

    Bug report for g++ 2.8.1 (fwd)

    Bug Report: Internal Compiler Error

    Bug report: internal compiler error on a throw statement

    bug with f77 on ppc egcs-1.1 prerelease

    Re: BUG with libio/dbz/rdbz test case on m88k-motorola-sysv3

    Bug with static variables of inline functions

    Re: bug, with testcase (alpha-unknown-linux-gnu)

    bug: cross jump optimization and exceptions

    Bugreport: Linuxppc/egcs-8/24/98

    Bugs in 7/27 snapshot

    building egcs-19980816 on cygwin32

    C++ bug still in egcs-2.91.54 199808

    C++ code generation problem with -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage

    c++ code that egcs kills ...

    C++ destructor not called?

    C++ is still very broken for Linux/Alpha

    C++ typename lookup bug

    casting problem

    check failure in egcs-1.0.3a on AIX 3.2.5

    class ``implementation'' info not always generated...

    Compilation error with templates

    Compile error: MkLinux, egcs, ssh2

    compiler error?

    compiling all-target-libstdc++

    compling egcs-1.1 on m68k/Linux

    Configuring / Building Cross-Compiler -- Prob. w texinfo

    const reference bug - Is there anyone out there?

    core dump in xfig compiled with egcs-19980803

    Re: cross question on egcs pre-1.1 testing

    Cross-compile bug in sparc64

    Re: current: arm codegen severely broken

    dejagnu configure problem: Irix6.4

    DejaGnu test suite configure bombs

    deref_puc_assign,21164a on RH51/alpha

    DWARF2 output bug?

    EGCS 1.0.2. switch in inline functions.

    egcs 1.0.3 bug in comparing doubles

    egcs 1.0.3a on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu?

    egcs 1.1 regression failure

    egcs 19980803 on Alpha, no numeric_limits

    egcs 19980824 bug report

    egcs accepts invalid (?) template specialization

    egcs bug

    egcs build 199808xx breaks kernel. (that annoying errno=111)

    Re: egcs build 199808xx breaks kernel. (that annoying errno=111)

    egcs build Problems!

    egcs Install Problems!

    EGCS Releases

    egcs segfaults on rh51 (example)

    egcs, trunk 8/30 solaris2.5 control reaches end of non-void function


    egcs-1.0.3 bug w/ inline constructors

    egcs-1.0.3a on DEC Unix 4.0b: mips-tfile says "String too big"

    egcs-1.0.3a on DEC Unix 4.0b: symbols multiply defined between libgcc.a/libstdc++.so

    egcs-1.03a internal compiler error

    egcs-1.1 bug or invalid inline assembler?


    egcs-19980803 (pre-1.1) mips regressions

    egcs-19980803 (pre-1.1) powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 regressions

    egcs-19980803 (pre-1.1) solaris regressions

    egcs-19980803 and AIX 4.3.1 - compiling makeinfo fails on -lz

    egcs-19980803 and AIX 4.3.1 - how to specify flags to each stage

    egcs-19980803 build on win95/cygwin32

    egcs-19980803 vs glibc-2.0.95

    egcs-19980816 configure problems on NT/cygwin32

    egcs-19980824 AIX 4.3 build problem with 64-bit libraries

    egcs-19980824 ICE with named return values

    egcs-2.90.27 980315 (egcs-1.0.2 release): <string>/-pedantic

    egcs-2.91.54: Internal compiler error using template template parms

    egcs-2.91.55 19980824 error on const references

    Re: egcs-980129 (and gcc) crash with xlisp's xlbignum.c

    egcs-980707 warning message

    egcs-bubg in strstream

    egcs-bug : a mystic one, skip it if you are busy.

    egcs-CVS19980818, cplus-dem.o not built in gcc dir, bootstrap fails

    egcs-CVS19980824 (trunk) mips-sgi-irix6.2 bootstrap failure

    egcs-CVS19980830 sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4, another bootstrap failure ...

    EH broken for August on Linux/Alpha ?

    Error compiling

    Error on compiling egcs-1.0.3a with glibc2

    Exception bug in egcs-19980803 on linux

    exception handling (egsc-1.0.3, linux)

    Explicit destructor call unrecognized

    extra parameters to operator delete ?

    Feature request: smarter warning about inlining of vararg functions

    floating point bug -- or misunderstanding?

    friend-template internal error 9

    funky configure-target-* errors

    Re: Further observations regarding alloca on i586-pc-linux-gnu

    g++ (egcs) bug report

    g++ and gcc behave differently

    g++ bug effecting egcs-1.1 release

    g++ bug on Linux/Alpha: incorrect this pointer in virtual inheritance

    G++ bug?

    g++: Internal compiler error. (egcs-1.0.2 and 1.0.3a with -O2) [reposted]

    g77 bug on DigitalUnix when using -mieee option

    Re: g77 problem

    Re: gcc-2.8.0: internal compiler error 92

    Re: GCC-current ICE in reload1.c

    ginclude/va-ppc.h confused about "long long" in overflow area

    glibc 2.0.7 / egcs 1.0.3a inline pow() function bug.

    Re: glibc 2.0.95 [w. egcs]

    GNU C (-5200 COLDFire)


    how do I compile without fortran support?

    Re: i586-linux-pc -> i386-mingw32 [One man's porting experience]

    ICE 892 on egcs-2.91.55

    ICE 892 on Solaris still in egcs-2.91.55 (19980824 snapshot)

    ICE : HP g77 look unrolling

    ICE for egcs-1.1 prerelease

    ICE in dwarf2out.c with egcs-2.91.54 on mips-sgi-irix6.4

    ICE in dwarf2out.c with egcs-2.91.54 on SGI IRIX 6.3, 6.4

    ICE on bootstrap with latest CVS on SGI Irix 6.3...

    ICE on computations with template parameters

    ICE: from (possibly buggy) complex template code

    Re: Incompatibility between gcc and glibc

    Incorrect code from EGCS-1.1 on PowerPC

    Re: Incorrect code using gcc 2.8.x for Motorola 5200 Coldfire

    Initialising an union

    Initialising an union.

    inline asm clobber bug with -fpic

    an interesting g++ new/delete bug -- only defining half the set

    Internal compiler bug

    Internal Compiler Err 892 in cc1plus on Solaris (egcs-2.91.54 19980816)

    Internal compiler error

    Re: internal compiler error

    Internal compiler error

    internal compiler error (ambigous type conversion)

    Internal compiler error (egcs-1.0.3a)

    internal compiler error - egcs 1.0.1 on redhat 5.0

    Internal compiler error - unrecognizable insn

    Internal compiler error / -fno-implicit-templates bug

    internal compiler error 1.0.3a i686-pc-linux-gnu

    Internal compiler error 252

    Internal compiler error 364

    Internal compiler error 90

    Internal compiler error 90. Bug report

    Internal compiler error 980715.

    Internal compiler error during gdb 4.17 make

    Internal compiler error egcs-1.0.3a

    Re: Internal compiler error in egcs-1.0.3a

    Internal compiler error in egcs-1.1 19980803

    Internal Compiler Error on "throw NULL;"

    Internal Compiler Error on Alpha & Qt

    Internal compiler error when mistakenly taking the address of a pure virtual method

    Internal compiler error, egcs-1.0.1 on RedHat

    Internal compiler error, Linux 586, 980515 (1.0.3), Slackware 3.5

    Internal compiler error.

    Internal Compiler Error..

    Internal Error with -funroll-loops

    internal error--unrecognizable insn:

    Irix 6.1 compiler does not know keyword inline

    Is 'export' supported?

    Last minute holidays!!

    libio.h not installed


    libstdc++ & threads == problems

    link failure with inline static member fn + virtual member

    Linux 2.1.116

    Re: Linux/ALPHA bug: Destructor called twice for the same object

    Linux/ALPHA bug: Destructor called twice for the same object instance.

    Linux/Alpha BUG: probs with resolving functions in shared library

    Re: long double trouble w/ ix86

    Re: M68K codegen problem with `unsigned long long' - showstopper for NetBSD

    M68K codegen problem with `unsigned long long' - showstopper forNetBSD

    Re: m68k-ColdFire(m5200) code gen bug

    make -j broken

    MI destructor bug

    MIPS gcc generates bogus "sw 0,0($sp)"

    Missing gthr-irix.h from snapshot 19980816.

    More info on last bug report

    more on "snapshot generated" oops on Alpha

    more on --enable-shared on Sun-3

    movsi_internal2+1: Internal compiler error for -mips16

    Multiple inheritance bug (ICE 980715)

    multithreaded EH is still broken on Linux/Alpha and other platforms

    Namespace 'using' at global scope, recently broken

    Re: New C++ frontend bug since the big template change.

    New g++ failures with current egcs CVS version and glibc 2.1 snapshot

    no conflicting return type warning w/MI

    No Subject

    not instantiating runtime_error objects?


    nurbs compile error

    Re: On purpose ???

    Oops :/

    overloaded member bug

    Overly agressive warning wrt. unsigned

    parse error building libc-5.4.46

    partial friendliness between template class and function -> crash

    Partial ordering bug (?) in egcs

    PATCH to warn on use of typename outside of templates

    perl 5.005.1

    Permission problem?

    Pointers to overloaded functions

    Pointers to overloaded functions bug

    posible bug with access to derived class data

    possible regression

    probably bug in egcs-c++

    Problem compiling with try/catch block within local class.

    Problem exceptions/threads on HP-10.20 - core dumps

    problem w/ sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 egcs build

    problem with 2.91.47 and 2.92.00

    problem with recent cplus-dem.o gcc/Makefile changes

    Problem with redefining bool in extern "C"

    Problem with unsigned long long on ultrasparc

    problems building ecgs-19980803 on i386-nextstep

    Problems Building egcs-1.0.3a on NetBSD1.3.2 Mac68k (IIvx)

    Re: Problems building egcs-19980727 on mips-sgi-irix6.3

    Problems with -fno-implicit-templates (problem 1)

    problems with -O2 and sparc-solaris 2.51

    Re: Qt on Linux-AXP

    queue redefined on SunOS 5.6


    Rectification: No -fno-implicit-templates bug

    Re: reg_n_info lossage patch

    Regression going from egcs-1.03 to egcs-19980803

    Reliant UNIX configuration problems

    reproducible internal error under 1.0.3

    Return of bad i386 assembly output bug

    RS6000 typo

    rtti.c change breaks Solaris x86

    Sanpshot build failure on Irix 6.3

    signal 11 generating problem, was: Further observations regarding alloca on i586-pc-linux-gnu

    snapshot 19980816

    Solaris 2.5.1 /usr/include/limits.h

    Re: Solaris-- relocation against external symbol

    sparc bug effecting the release

    sparc.md generates invalid opcode

    spurious warnings when optimizing with exceptions

    static const float initialization

    still present in 19980824 snapshot

    stl bug with egcs-1.0.3 release ??

    Re: Strange code generated by GCC (for i[34567]86 related bug)

    strfile.h bug?

    syntax errors in new SPARC files

    Re: System loader problem?

    tcp_close_pending on Linux/Alpha still misbehaves

    Template Multiple-defs/Repo bug

    template related (?) internal compiler error

    template specialization bug

    template specialization problem

    template typecast failure

    Templates and inheritance of types

    Templates break Declarations in for(;;) loops

    tolower in template functions

    Re: Trouble building on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

    typedef scoping for templates

    typedef'ing of bool in extern "C"

    Ultra-SPARC Exception Problems

    unqualified name lookup in namespace bug

    use bash and make-3.77 to build on cygwin32

    varargs problem in egcs 1.03 on sparc Solaris 2.5

    Variable length array

    virtual inheritance bug

    vmd 1.2

    Warning about multiply defined __P on SunOS

    why does EGCS tell me 1 << 64 = 4294967296?

    Yet another implicit typename bug

    Your latest change to gcc/cp/parse.y

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