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Configuring / Building Cross-Compiler -- Prob. w texinfo

I'm trying to build a cross compiler.  Host is i386-mingw32.  Target is
mipsel-linux-elf.  I'm following the instructions at:

I first configured, did a make, and a "make install" of binutils 2.9.1, which
I've been told is necessary since generating code for a Mips machine requires
the gnu assembler and linker.  That ran fine.

When I did a configure for the egcs 1.03a source, the configure script gave me

a message which said that:

   *** This configuration is not supported in the following subdirectories:
    (Any other directories should still work fine.)

The first time I got this message, I was using a slightly different target
(mips-gnu-elf), and I assumed it was a benign warning, so went ahead and did
"make cross".  It blew up trying to make something in the texinfo

I don't need any texinfo stuff anyway, I just want the cross-compiler itself.
The configure script seems to have put stuff in the makefile to try to remake
something in the texinfo subdirectory even though it gave me a warning that
it wouldn't work.

Is there something I can do to either:

   1. Fix the stuff in texinfo so it will make OK, or
   2. Fix configure so that the makefile it creates will not try to make the
stuff in texinfo?

Attached are:

   1. shell script I used to run configure (saves me from typing it in all the
   2. Messages output by running configure script
   3. Makefile produced by the configure script

I did all this stuff under the Cygnus Win32 stuff, version B19.  And yes, I
have updated the cygwin32b19.dll file
as the Cygwin32 FAQ / Installation instructions, etc. directs.  Also, I copied
the specs file from Mumit Khan's
egcs/mingw32 stuff into the
$GCC_EXEC_PREFIX/lib/gcc-lib/i386-mingw32/egcs-2.90.27 directory, and applied
his patches to the egcs103a source before starting all this.  The compiler is
(or will be, if I can get to that point)
the gcc 2.7.2 compiler that comes with cdk.exe.  I tried using Mumit's egcs
1.02 native compiler, but ran into too
many ancillary problems, so switched back to the Cygnus/B19 environment.

Thanks a lot for any help you can give me, and have a nice day.


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