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Re: egcs-19980824 AIX 4.3 build problem with 64-bit libraries

  In message <>you write:
  > 	There still seems to be a problem with the commandline arguments
  > to "ar" on AIX 4.3.  This relates to my notes about AR_FOR_TARGET earlier.
  > When building on AIX 4.3, "ar" needs to be invoked with the -X32_64
  > argument so that 64-bit archives can be constructed.
  > gcc/config/rs6000/x-aix43 adds this to gcc/Makefile for use when building
  > libgcc.a multilib.  This it also needs to be set for all of the libraries
  > under the build-tree top-level "libraries" directory (libiberty, libio,
  > libstdc++, and libf2c) that are configured and built after GCC itself is
  > bootstrapped, i.e. with the target tools.
Ugh.  I totally forgot about the other target libs when I told you
to put that stuff in x-aix43.  Sorry.

  > 	I am not sure where from where this information should be
  > inherited.  "libraries" does know about multilib from --print-multi-lib,
  > not from anywhere in gcc/Makefile.  It looks like the top-level Makefile
  > reconstructs XX_FOR_TARGET from first principles.  It is not clear to me
  > where AR should be set and whether AR or AR_FOR_TARGET is used when
  > building stuff that should be build using target tools.  Does this need to
  > be in the top-level "config" directory in a new mh-aix43 file?
I think it has to go into the toplevel config directory.  You create
mh-aix43, then tweak  Note the toplevel directory is
not autoconf'd, so you need not run autoconf after tweaking

This will probably have to change again if/when binutils is ported to
aix43 since odds are it'll use a different option to achieve the same


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