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Re: GNU C (-5200 COLDFire)

At 11:00 26.08.98 , Toon Moene wrote:
>>  and it generates an m5200 machine directory. When I try
>>  to boot a coff image, I get the following error on my
>>  SBC5206:
>dBUG> dn
>Downloading COFF 'ucostest.x' from
>Section:  .text    (Paddr: 0x00010000  Size: 0x00005E64)
>Section:  .data    (Paddr: 0x00015E64  Size: 0x00000B50)
>Section:  .bss     (Paddr: 0x000169B4  Size: 0x00002248)
>27228 bytes read via TFTP
>dBUG> go
>Unimplemented F-Line Instruction
>*** F-line instruction:  A floating point instruction ***
>PC: 0001002E SR: 2004 [t.Sm.000...xnZvc]
>An: 000169B5 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 000FFFFC
>Dn: 0000224B 000169B4 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
>0001002E: FFFC                 DC.W      0xFFFC
>dBUG> dis
>*** Hmmm, real assembler code, in UPPERCASE ****
>00010000: 207C 0010 0000       MOVEA.L   #0x00100000,A0
>00010006: B1FC 0000 0000       CMPA.L    #0x00000000,A0
>0001000C: 6702                 BEQ       0x00010010
>0001000E: 2E48                 MOVEA.L   A0,A7
>00010010: 4E56 FFF8            LINK      A6,#-8
>00010014: 223C 0001 69B4       MOVE.L    #0x000169B4,D1
>0001001A: 203C 0001 8C00       MOVE.L    #0x00018C00,D0
>00010020: B280                 CMP.L     D0,D1
>00010022: 6712                 BEQ       0x00010036
>00010024: 2041                 MOVEA.L   D1,A0
>00010026: 9081                 SUB.L     D1,D0
>00010028: 5380                 SUBQ.L    #0x01,D0
>0001002A: 4218                 CLR.B     (A0)+
>0001002C: 51C8                 DC.W      0x51C8
>0001002E: FFFC                 DC.W      0xFFFC
>**** Note that your disassembler doesn't know how to cope with the
>     two 16 bit words above - a sure sign something's fishy ****
>00010030: 4240                 CLR.W     D0
>The DC.W 0x51C8 is actually a "Decrement and Branch" instruction;  
>dunno why it isn't recognised by your disassembler - I assume the  
>5200 has this instruction.  After that it encounters an instruction  
>of which the opcode starts with an "F".  These opcodes are reserved  
>for floating point operations, which the 5200 presumably doesn't  
>have; hence the complaint about "Unimplemented F-Line Instruction".
>So somehow the branch instruction is ignored and its displacement  
>interpreted as an instruction opcode.

The branch instruction is ignored cause there is no dbcc on ColdFire. A
quick browse over m68k.{c|md} in the 19980824 sources shows no obvious
misuse of "dbra" and looking at the changelogs doesn't reveal any
significant change since 1.0.3.

Are you sure you used 'gcc -m5200' on every module you compiled (I think an
alternative would be using --with-cpu= during configure)?
The code looks like a basic initialization happenning after RESET,
potentially written in assembler. If so, is "dbra" used in there and the
assembler (GNU or non-GNU?) called with a option to produce ColdFire code
so it barfs on non-CF instructions?


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