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Re: C++ bug still in egcs-2.91.54 199808

Franz Sirl <> writes:

> At 06:00 24.08.98 , Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>> Franz Sirl <> writes:
>>> this small example will produce a corrupted assembler file if
>>> compiled with g++ -S:
>>> extern "C" { untyped(int,int); void typed(int, int); }
>> On which platform?  I've got an empty assembly file (save for
>> comments) on the platforms I've tried it.

> I've tried this on i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1 and powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu,
> ppc results in totally corrupted labels, i586 produces corrupt labels too,
> but at least they are readable. Here a sample output on i586:

Did you notice that egcs prints an error (not warning) message when
presented this code snippet, and that it returns a non-zero exit
status?  This indicates that the generated assembly code is known to
be invalid; IMO, it should even be removed!

Anyway, generating unreadable labels is not correct, and might
possibly affect correct programs, so this *is* a bug.

> The problem is that untyped() gets assigned VAR_DECL instead of FUNC_DECL,
> as reported in

If you know what is the fix, will you please post a patch that fixes
the problem to

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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