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Re: Internal Compiler Error..

> John Stone <> writes:
> > I got this from the egcs that's currently included with mkLinux:
> > NameList.c: In method `int NameList<int>::data(char *, int = (-1))':
> > NameList.c:186: Internal compiler error.
> > NameList.c:186: Please submit a full bug report to `'.
> You have not supplied enough information for us to reproduce the bug;
> we need a complete code snippet.  Please compile your source code with
> -save-temps and send us `NameList.ii'.  gzip and bzip2 compression are
> ok, and so are uuencoded or base64 attachments.

Ok, I've found that this bug is platform independent, it also happens with
on x86 machines: egcs-2.90.29 980515 (egcs-1.0.3 release)

I'll send you the NameList.ii file in a little while, I have to recompile
with the -save-temps for you.

I should have the info for you soon.

  John Stone


Theoretical Biophysics Group   Email:
Beckman Institute    
University of Illinois         Phone:  (217) 244-3349
405 N. Mathews  Ave              FAX:  (217) 244-6078 
Urbana, IL 61801, USA          Unix Is Good For You!!!

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