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Bug in egcs-1.0.3a/vsprintf.c

Hallo Cygnus-Team,

i try to install your egcs-gcc compiler as a cross-compiler (sh2, hitachi)
for our Linux-Box. I compiled binutils 2.9.1 well. The egcs-gcc compiled
well also. 

But the compilation of the libraries failed because
egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c has the following code:
vsprintf (buf, format, ap)
     char *buf;
     const char *format;
     va_list ap;
  FILE b;
  int ret;
#ifdef VMS
  b->_flag = _IOWRT|_IOSTRG;
  b->_ptr = buf;
  b->_cnt = 12000;
  b._flag = _IOWRT|_IOSTRG;
  b._ptr = buf;
  b._cnt = 12000;
  ret = _doprnt(format, ap, &b);
  putc('\0', &b);
  return ret;
I got the following errors:

/usr/tmp/sh/egcs.obj/gcc/xgcc -B/usr/tmp/sh/egcs.obj/gcc/ -c -g -O2  -ml -m3e
-I. -I/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/../include 
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c: In function `vsprintf':
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:48: structure has no member named
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:48: `_IOWRT' undeclared (first use
this function)
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:48: (Each undeclared identifier is
reported only once
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:48: for each function it appears
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:48: `_IOSTRG' undeclared (first use
this function)
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:49: structure has no member named
/usr/tmp/sh/egcs-1.0.3a/libiberty/vsprintf.c:50: structure has no member named

Could you please help me to compile this file ??



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