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Re: Initialising an union

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> Does it apply to local non-static variables?  I'm pretty sure this is
> true for variables in static storage, but how about local ones?
> Unfortunately, I don't have access to the ANSI-C Standard :-(

It does. In the ANSI-C Language Referenze Version 2 A.8.7
from 31.Oct.1988 ANSI Programming Langues C, X.3.159-1989
you find the sentence:

    In the first edition the initialisation of auto and register
    struct's, union's or vektors was not allowed. The ANSI-C
    standard allowes to use const constructors or simple
    initilizer expresions.

This make clear that auto and register structs/unions/vektors
can be initialised.

Also I used the same code on different platforms i.e DEC-Unix
where we use the standard C compiler which comes with the OS.
There the code works as I expected.

So now I am back that the egcs-1.0.3a has a bug here.



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