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building egcs-19980816 on cygwin32

In order to obtain an un-interrupted 'make bootstrap' on
NT4/cygwin32, I found the following steps necessary:
(steps 1 2 and 6 appear to me to indicate  need for improvement
of egcs distribution)  The others may belong in one of the FAQ's,
possibly a gnu-win32 FAQ with a pointer in the egcs one.

1.  append #undef HAVE_INTTYPES_H to xm-cygwin32.h
This fixes an apparent problem somewhere in the cygwin
system, where configure sets HAVE_INTTYPES_H even though
the log reports no reason to have done so.

2. change slib[fiu]77 to [fiu]77 in libf2c/  Otherwise, the
build fails to configure in one of the sub-directories and quits.

3. cp bash.exe  /bin/sh.exe (NT only).  This has been discussed
on gnu-win32.

4. install egcs/gcc binaries, make-3.77 (requires modified install
or manual intervention to deal with make.exe), binutils-2.9.1
(can't be configured with a drive name in the path), and rebuild

5.  configure and make bootstrap work normally.  configure
states that texinfo will not be built.  I get best results with
CFLAGS=BOOT_CFLAGS='-Os -malign-double
-march=pentiumpro' but the same environment flags must be in
effect throughout configure and build.

6. make -k install is required because install tries to install stuff
which was not built due to the configure deciding not to build

I am not able to get an un-interrupted build under w95.  There
are several places where make stops with a report of an
unacceptable 'wait' command at the end of a section of the build.
I suppose this is the fault of sh.  If make is not properly built with
binutils, it may crash instead of quitting gracefully.

Under both NT and W95 there are occasional complaints of
clock skew, but no evident bad effects from this.  Is the clock
considered skewed if it does not advance between time checks?
No way are we going to sell egcs to the Y2K police when this
stuff happens.
Dr. Timothy C. Prince
Consulting Engineer
Solar Turbines, a Caterpillar Company
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