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Re: Incorrect code from EGCS-1.1 on PowerPC

At 09:17 19.08.98 , Gary Thomas wrote:
>On 18-Aug-98 Franz Sirl wrote:
>> Am Tue, 18 Aug 1998 schrieb Gary Thomas:
>>>>The attached code snippet (from the Linux kernel) generates incorrect
>>>code when compiled on Linux/PPC with "-O2" options.
>>>The problem stems from inlined functions and a pointer (skb) being
>>>dereferenced (skb->sb) before it is tested for NULL as a result of 
>>>the loop being reorganized.
>> I verified the bug with a cvs checkout 1845UTC 19980818.
>> makes the bug go away.
>You reported on the 'egcs' list that the current snapshot is "OK"
>for building the latest 2.1.XX kernel.  Don't you see this code generation
>error when you build it?  Or is it that pattern sensitive that changes
>between 2.0.32 and 2.1.115 keep it from happening?

Hmm, I said "no known bugs due to egcs" and that is still true, cause I
haven't seen any bug reports yet with egcs-1.1 and linux-2.1.115. And I
(and others) use 2.1.115vger since its out.
Probably you are right and something has changed that hides this bug for
2.1.115 (I think networking code was changed heavily in 2.1).


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