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Re: problem with recent cplus-dem.o gcc/Makefile changes

   Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 02:21:17 -0600
   From: Jeffrey A Law <>

   Weird since it built just fine for me when I tested the change.  Hmm,
   I wonder if it might have been using a stale cplus-dem.o in my build

I even tested making sure I was using the latest GNU make (3.77) and
it still fails the same way.

   I guess the first question is what binary is it failing on?
   cplus-dem.o gets linked into collect2 and cxxmain.

   Presumably it's collect2 that's causing problems.

Yes it is the collect2 case.  For the cxxmain case the cplus-dem.c
file is symlinked in as cxxmain.c and compiled into cxxmain.o so it
cannot conflict with what collect2 wants to do.

   I'm just about the crash for the night, I'll take a closer look at
   this tomorrow.

Great, thanks :-)

   ps.  Where are those sparc-linux test results?   :-)  We need them!

Oops, sorry, I'll try to get that to you amidst my register allocator
rewrite tonight... (it's the most embarassing part of the gcc right

David S. Miller

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