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Re: g++ and gcc behave differently

  In message <>you write:
  > E.g. now that I've seen `gcc --help' vs. `gcc --verbose --help',
  > I think maybe `gcc --version' should perhaps produce what
  > `gcc -v' now does, and `gcc --verbose --version' what `g77 -v'
  > now does, except perhaps it'd invoke *all* the drivers or only the
  > cc1 instead of the f771.
  > Seems to me `gcc -v', being shorthand for `gcc --verbose', should
  > just produce a version number and then "No input files" or whatever
  > `gcc' by itself would produce.
I like it!

  > That's just one suggestion, though, and unfortunately it is
  > incompatible with past behavior and expectation, although I think
  > it's more compatible with GNU Coding Standards (which I haven't
  > read for some time).
Bringing gcc closer to the GNU standards is a good thing.  It's the
exception to the GNU standards in far too many areas. 

  > At that point, perhaps some of g77spec.c's internal differences
  > vis-a-vis g++spec.c's can be made use of one way or the other.
  > E.g. some of g77spec.c's abstractions might be worth hoisting into
  > gcc.c itself, making the *spec.c files smaller or, at least,
  > easier to maintain.
I suspect this will be the case, no need to implement the same stuff
over and over in different places.


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