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core dump in xfig compiled with egcs-19980803

I compiled the latest xfig (3.2.2) with the latest egcs snapshot
and it dumps core when saving my files.  Looking at the core file
shows that it is dying in fprintf:

(gdb) where
#0  0xef3872e0 in _libc_kill ()
#1  0xef33a558 in abort ()
#2  0x75000 in goodbye (abortflag=1 '\001') at w_cmdpanel.c:451
#3  0x6224c in emergency_quit (abortflag=1 '\001') at u_error.c:109
#4  0x62060 in error_handler (err_sig=10) at u_error.c:63
#5  <signal handler called>
#6  0x4da78 in write_ellipse (fp=0x18d2b8, e=0x1d7138) at f_save.c:210
#7  0x4d3e0 in write_objects (fp=0x18d2b8) at f_save.c:95
#8  0x4d2b4 in write_file (file_name=0xe8468 "fig_1.1.fig") at
#9  0x8c4e0 in do_save (w=0xe8468, ev=0x8c1a0) at w_file.c:391
#10 0x8c1e0 in save_request (w=0xe8468, ev=0x8c1a0) at w_file.c:300
#11 0x74efc in sel_cmd_but (widget=0x1a5380, closure=0xea400, 
    event=0xeffff450, continue_to_dispatch=0xeffff2df "\001")
    at w_cmdpanel.c:402
#12 0xef6ab5f0 in XtDispatchEventToWidget ()
#13 0xef6ac100 in _XtDefaultDispatcher ()
#14 0xef6ac360 in XtDispatchEvent ()
#15 0xef6ac7a0 in XtAppMainLoop ()
#16 0x52498 in main (argc=2, argv=0xeffff594) at main.c:1325

I tried to modify f_save.c into a standalone program which prints
stuff - that ran without dumping core.  Let me know if you want me
to try things over the weekend.

By the way, compiling with egcs-1.0.3a leads to an xfig which does
not dump core.

This is on Solaris 2.6 --enable-shared.


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