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Problem exceptions/threads on HP-10.20 - core dumps


The following program core-dumps in the trow() statement.

#include <iostream>

class IOError {};

   try {
      throw IOError();
   catch (IOError &ex) {
      cout << "Caught IOError" << endl;
   catch (...) {
      cout << "Caught all" << endl;


I have installed  egcs-19980803 with binutils-2.9.1 and enable-haifa.
btw: I need to link in the threads libraries to compile:
g++ -fexeptions -threads

I needed to add the -D_CMA_NOWRAPPERS_ to the *cpp entry of my specs file because HP's dce-threads
defines close() as cma_close() and this breaks fstreambase::close().

%{!mpa-risc-1-0:%{!mnosnake:%{!msoft-float:-D__hp9000s700 -D_PA_RISC1_1}}}  %{!ansi: -D_HPUX_SOURCE -D_HIUX_S\
%{!shared:     %{!p:       %{!pg:         %{!threads:-lc}         %{threads:-lcma -lc_r}}       %{p: -L/lib/l\
ibp/ -lc}       %{pg: -L/lib/libp/ -lc}}}

Bjorn Wennberg              email: 
                               ms: +47 950 82 657
Senior Programmer           phone: +47 22405538
FairPlay International AS     fax: +47 22405539
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