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g77 problem

I just installed egcs1.0.3a and compiled a large program package with the
g77 compiler. Installation and compilation went fine with one exception.
One program failed to compile with the following compiler message:


g77 -c r3fft.f
r3fft.f: In subroutine `r3fft':
Array `wl' at (^) is too large to handle

(further similar messages truncated).


The problem appears to be that the compiler is unhappy with variables that
are declared as follows: 

      INTEGER WL(-14:*),WM(-14:*),WN(-14:*)

The problem disappears if the wildcard "*" is replaced by an explicit
array bound. My F77 book does not detail what is considered standard F77
in this case so I don't know if the code or the compiler is at fault.
However, the program compiles fine on a multitude of platforms, including
linux with the f2c compiler and linux with older versions of g77 (such as
"GNU F77 version 2.7.2 (i386 Linux/ELF) compiled by GNU C version 2.7.2.
GNU Fortran Front End version 0.5.18 compiled: May 18 1996 16:29:38")

I have been notified that these problems appeared with the release of  
RedHat 5.1 (2.0.35). Apparently pgf77 in the same RedHat5.1 release did
not have the problem (I have not tested the latter).

Bart Hazes

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