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Re: Partial ordering bug (?) in egcs

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Kunert <> writes:

    Thomas> Mark Mitchell wrote:
    >>  template<int N> class IndexPlaceholder { };
    >> template<class T, int N> class Array { };
    >> // #1 template<class T1, class T2> void max(const T1& a, const
    >> T2& b) { }
    >> // #2 template<class T_numtype, int N_rank, int N_index> inline
    >> void max(const Array<T_numtype, N_rank>& array,
    >> IndexPlaceholder<N_index>) { }
    Thomas> Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the FDIS, but the
    Thomas> Nov. 97 WP says in [temp.func.order]:

    Thomas> `const T2&' is not supposed to be the the "same as" but an
    Thomas> "exact match" for `IndexPlaceholder<N_index>'.  In the
    Thomas> example above you can choose an appropriate T2.  Hence I
    Thomas> think #2 is more specialized than #1.

I don't see the distinction.  Are you proposing that, for example, 

  template <class T> void f(const T&);
  template <> void f(int);

is a legal specialization?  It's not, IMO.  But that would seem to be
the consequence of your suggestion.

Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Consulting

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