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Re: Bugs in 7/27 snapshot

  In message <>you write:
  > I've never tried building the test programs.  I am building
  > cross-compilers, and was under the impression that the test suite didn't
  > work very well for cross-compilers.
I'll put it another way -- when did you do the test which caused the
compiler to hang and does it still fail?

The testsuite works quite will for cross targets if you set things up
correctly.  This means you have to have full sets of target headers,
libraries and startup code available, plus some way to either talk to
a target board or simulator.

If you set it up, cross testing works just like native testing.  In
fact, I use it daily for my Cygnus work, mostly talking to ISA simulators
for cross targets.

  > But earlier versions (up through 1.0.3) have compiled these same
  > pragmas with no warnings or errors of any kind.  And the egcs snapshot
  > for an i960-wrs-vxworks target still compiles this code with no warnings
  > or errors.
  > Perhaps the problem is this - the i386-wrs-vxworks target is new.  I 
  > ported 1.0.3 to work for this target myself (by following information
  > I found on the web).  What should I look for to find out how pragmas
  > work for a specific target?
You might start by grepping for pragma in the i960 dir to see how it
handles them.  Then porting the necessary code to the x86 target files
you're using.


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