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Re: egcs-19980803 (pre-1.1) powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 regressions

	I found your initial report extremely difficult to parse.  I also
assume that when someone specifically CC's me as well as sending the note
to a public mailinglist, he or she is putting me on notice that action is
expected -- from me.  And, as we are approaching a release, he or she
expects me to do something about it immediately.

	As you originally reported this in mid-July, stating "The
following bootstrap error is a regression from prior releases/snapshots"
is very misleading.  This was not, in fact, a change from your previous
report.  If this had been clearer, I would not have been so incredulous
and would not have asked about possible external problems on your system
that might have caused this symptom.  Even so, asking the basic questions
is not unreasonable.

	As far as -mminimal-toc, this depends on which AIX linker patches
have been applied.  It *should not* be necessary, but still may be
necessary on your particular system depending on what patches have been

	I did not interpret your report as a normal regression report but
as a "kick the port maintainer" note which actually contained misleading
information.  Maybe you should consider how your messages and distribution
lists might be interpreted.


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