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egcs-1.0.3a on DEC Unix 4.0b: mips-tfile says "String too big"

egcs-1.0.3a on DEC Unix 4.0b (alphaev56-dec-osf4.0b/egcs-2.90.29)

On compiling a C++ application with the -g (debug) flag, I get
the error message:

g++ -D_REENTRANT -g -fno-implicit-templates -fno-strict-prototypes  -fno-exceptions -Wno-unused  -I. -I/usr3/kellogg/ACE_wrappers
-I/usr3/kellogg/ACE_wrappers/TAO   -c -fpic -o .shobj/ORB.o ORB.cpp
mips-tfile, /tmp/ccaafEia.s:1278 String too big (4177 bytes)
line:    #.stabs "8299=##1;:t20ACE_Hash_Map_Manager3Zt19ACE_Hash_Recyclable1Zt13ACE_Hash_Addr1Z13..... [and so on]

When I leave away -g, it works fine.

I looked at mips-tfile.c and found

STATIC symint_t
add_string (vp, hash_tbl, start, end_p1, ret_hash)
  if (len >= PAGE_USIZE)
    fatal ("String too big (%ld bytes)", (long) len);


/* [...]
   If PAGE_SIZE is > 4096, the string length in the shash_t structure
   can't be represented (assuming there are strings > 4096 bytes).  */

#ifndef PAGE_SIZE
#define PAGE_SIZE 4096          /* size of varray pages */

#define PAGE_USIZE ((Size_t)PAGE_SIZE)

I don't know this code so my question is, can I simply increase the 
PAGE_SIZE or what's the right way to fix this?


O. Kellogg

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