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HOWTO get a consistent TEXINFO tree (was: Re: [CVS 980326]: Still problems with texinfo )

On Sun, 29 March 1998, 23:06:48, wrote:

 >   In message <13594.2735.974274.449552@slsvhmt>you write:
 >   > The configure script in the texinfo directory needs to be rebuilt. It
 >   > contains unexpanded m4 macros like AM_MAINTAINER_MODE and the
 >   > like.
 > Is this still a problem?  I just looked in the configure files in
 > the repostitory and there are no references to AM_MAINTAINER_MODE.

The sources look OK, now.

 >   > This results in unusable Makefile's later on (if you don't have
 >   > automake-1.2f installed - does anybody know where to get it? -
 >   > shouldn't we add it to the infrastructure directory?),
 > We probably should add automake and autoconf/autoheader.


 >   > when running make, it'll call automake due to timestamp reasons.
 >   > And my automake-1.2e renders to be totally broken with regard to
 >   > texinfo's configuration :-(
 > Note they've been rebuilt with 1.2f, at least that's what I see
 > when I look at texinfo/

Yep, but somehow, the various files are older than, and then make invokes automake, which should be 1.2f,
but this hasn't been released so far. My automake here is version 1.2e 
and produces totally broken files.

 >   > The generated (and Makefile) now contain macro definitions
 >   > 
 > This also appears to be fixed in the current CVS sources.
 > jeff

Perhaps, all people using CVS and having problems with the texinfo
files should do this:

$ cd .../egcs/texinfo
$ cvs update -P -d
$ touch acinclude.m4 aclocal.m4; sleep 1
$ touch configure; sleep 1
$ cd po
$ touch; sleep 1
$ touch; sleep 1
$ touch *.po *.gmo; sleep 1
$ touch texinfo.pot; sleep 1
$ touch cat-id-tbl.c; sleep 1
$ touch stamp-cat-id; sleep 1
$ cd ..
$ find . -name -print | xargs touch

This should give all texinfo related files consistent timestamps.


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