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Re: Bootstrapping sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 - missing rules for some .o files in libio

On Tue, 17 March 1998, 14:53:57, wrote:

 > 	OK, I just checked, and it's actually Solaris' make program to blame!
 > This is curious, but it does make sense.
 > The reason I say it is curious is because some of the people reporting the
 > problem did report that there were using GNU make.  However, now that I
 > think of it, I think those people were invoking it as `gmake'.  So perhaps
 > the problem is that somewhere we were accidentally using `make' for a
 > recursive invocation when we should have used ${MAKE}.  Or perhaps somewhere
 > a configure script invoked make and ${MAKE} hadn't been set yet.

I just grep'ed through the sources, and found only one reference to a 
plain `make' instead of ${MAKE}; it's my recent patch to
and shouldn't be related to this particular problem:

      (cd ${ml_dir}/${ml_libdir};
       ../${dotdot}${ml_unsubdir}symlink-tree ../${dotdot}${ml_unsubdir}${ml_libdir} "")
      if [ -f ${ml_dir}/${ml_libdir}/Makefile ]; then
	if [ x"${MAKE}" = x ]; then
	  (cd ${ml_dir}/${ml_libdir}; make distclean)
	  (cd ${ml_dir}/${ml_libdir}; ${MAKE} distclean)

I really guess, people were accidentially reporting they've used GNU
make. At least, GNU make version 3.75 and 3.76.1 don't have this

I'm open to any proof of the opposite, though.


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