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Re: [CVS-980314]: Three files out of date

	The following three files are not up to date; at least here, make always 
	rebuilds them.


Just because make rebuilds them does not mean that they are out-of-date.
Keep in mind that when you use CVS, the timestamps on the files are whenever
you check them out.  Because CVS checks out files in alphabetical order, and
these files comes before the files they are generated from, they will often
be rebuilt after an update.

I just tried rebuilding cp/parse.c and got the same file (ignoring bison
install dir differences).  Looking at the CVS logs I see that cp/parse.c
was last updated after cp/parse.y last changed.

Likewise, the CVS logs say libf2c/configure is OK.

There might be a problem with gcc/f/intdoc.texi.  It is unclear from the
CVS logs, and I don't happen to have a current fortran build.

	I don't send a patch right now as this is rather long.

Are there actual differences in your patches, or is there just noise
resulting from different autoconf/bison versions and install directories?


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