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Re: egcs-cc1-bug: stabs and gdb/gccfindhit

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Fish <> writes:

    >> Gdb-4.16 does not stop on breakpoints on binaries compiled with
    >> egcs-cc1. (With cc1plus it works) I have compared the assembler
    >> output of gcc-2.7.2 and egcs:

    Fred> There are some known compatibility problems with gdb 4.16
    Fred> and EGCS, and not just on AmigaOS.  There is a 4.17 release
    Fred> in the works, but it may be several weeks still before it is
    Fred> available.  Perhaps I will try importing the 4.17 prelease
    Fred> test version as a stopgap measure.

Will the powerpc-elf target work with the new gdb release.  I have a
co-worker that is unable to use gdb with gcc 2.7.2 on a powerpc
embedded target.  He said a debugger would sure be a big help.  :-)

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