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Re: egcs-980214

	When making everything via a bootstrap-lean it seems that no flags out of these
	were allowed "-fomit-frame-pointer -fexpensive-optimizations
	-ffunction-sections -mcpu v8 -m32". I supplied them by defining XCFLAGS or
	TCFLAGS or both when invoking gmake ESC-x compile in GNU Emacs. With (almost)
	any of these switches (I did not test each flags exactly and save the huge
	*compilation* buffers) some programmes or libraries are simply not made.

What kind of failures did you see?  If you don't tell what the errors are,
we can't help.  Also, you should always report the system that you are
building gcc on, since the answers may depend on this.  It looks like you
are on a sparc system, but I can't tell if you are running linux or Sunos4
or Solaris2 or something else.

-m32 is probably not a valid option except for 64 bit sparc systems.
If you are using the 64 bit sparc port (linux?), then I believe that this
is still under development, so occasional failures are not unexpected.

-ffunction-sections is an uncommon option.  It is possible that it doesn't
work for your system.

-mcpu and v8 are not valid options, but -mcpu=v8 should be.

-fomit-frame-pointer and -fexpensive-optimizations should both work.
-fexpensive-optimizations is the default at -O2, so you should never need
to specify it.

It is possible that you got failures because you tried putting these options
in XCFLAGS, but the host compiler does not handle them correctly.  I wouldn't
recommend adding flags to XCFLAGS or TCFLAGS.  You can add flags to
BOOT_CFLAGS to make gcc use them them while gcc compiles itself.

	But finally I succeeded. I wanted to test/check it all but no check wanted to
	run, always fatal errors. 

Again, what errors did you see?

	FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2f.c execution,  -O2 

These testsuite failures are normal.


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