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Re: egcs-980214

  In message <>you write:
  > When making everything via a bootstrap-lean it seems that no flags out of
  > these
  > were allowed "-fomit-frame-pointer -fexpensive-optimizations
  > -ffunction-sections -mcpu v8 -m32". I supplied them by defining XCFLAGS or
  > TCFLAGS or both when invoking gmake ESC-x compile in GNU Emacs. With
  > (almost)
  > any of these switches (I did not test each flags exactly and save the huge
  > *compilation* buffers) some programmes or libraries are simply not made.
Use BOOT_CFLAGS.  Those flags will be used by the stage2/stage3 builds.

Note that on a sparc, -O2 implies -fomit-frame-pointer and
-fexpensive-optimizations.  Also nte that -ffunction-sections isn't going
to improve runtime performance without using linker scripts to drive
placement of functions.

  > run, always fatal errors. They are due to missing sym links or badly
  > installed
You need a recent dejagnu snapshot.  They can be found on the egcs
ftp server in the "infrastructure" directory.

  > FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2f.c execution,  -O2 -g 
loop-2f is known to fail on sparcs.

  > 		=== g++ Summary ===
  > # of expected passes		3125
  > # of unexpected failures	552
  > # of expected failures		79
  > # of untested testcases		6
  > ===========================================================================
  > ==
  > + exec ..../egcs-980214/Objekte/../expect/expect -- ..../egcs-980214/gcc/..
  > /dejagnu/runtest.exp --tool g77 
I would suspect you've got an out of date dejagnu.

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