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Problems while building with glibc.2.0.6

Ingo Krabbe wrote:
> hi,
> Ingo Krabbe wrote:
> >
> > hi,
> >
> > System:         i486-pc-linux-gnu
> > EGCS-Version:   egcs-2.91.08 980214 (gcc-2.8.0 release) from cvs Directory
> > GCC-Version:
> > GLIBC-Version:  2.0.6
> >
> > I recently reported an error to glibc because of strange segmentation faults,
> > which was my fault because I didn't used the strange switches. Besides
> > somebody wrote, that the egcs should build with libc6 and I tried that.
> >
> > But I get a very strange error while making bootstrap:
> > Once built for example
> > gengenrtl
> > the /bin/sh reports 'no such file or directory' when calling this executable
> > (which seems to be very present while typing 'ls'). I never seen this strange
> > behaviour before.
> > Why does this happen ?
> >
> > To repeat just type
> > ./configure --enable-shared --enable-debug
> > make bootstrap
> Uh, Oh, shit, I made a mistake. First I forgot to tell the linker the correct
>, so I put it into mt-linux. But while building stage 2 the flag
> was not set properly, yet. I found out, that I had to change LDFLAGS_FOR_TARGET.
> It should be ok if you once make that the default behaviour of configure or at
> least put some announce in INSTALL, README or FAQ.
> cu ingo


There is a big problem when compiling egcs with another Library, for example
glibc6. glibc6 uses its own linker loader, which has to be said to each linker
call. So it is wise to put such flags in config/mt-linux for a special
configuration. The problem is that this flag isn't ported to the other build
stages in make bootstrap.

The gcc/Makefile calls xgcc with
which are empty. I added 
somewhat above into so that my Linker Option will be used in
stage2,3 and 4.

Hope it works this time.


PS.: I got no Problems with standart-configuration. But it's useful to use
different libraries because of the new libc-release, expecially with Linux

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