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Problems while building with glibc.2.0.6


Ingo Krabbe wrote:
> hi,
> System:         i486-pc-linux-gnu
> EGCS-Version:   egcs-2.91.08 980214 (gcc-2.8.0 release) from cvs Directory
> GCC-Version:
> GLIBC-Version:  2.0.6
> I recently reported an error to glibc because of strange segmentation faults,
> which was my fault because I didn't used the strange switches. Besides
> somebody wrote, that the egcs should build with libc6 and I tried that.
> But I get a very strange error while making bootstrap:
> Once built for example
> gengenrtl
> the /bin/sh reports 'no such file or directory' when calling this executable
> (which seems to be very present while typing 'ls'). I never seen this strange
> behaviour before.
> Why does this happen ?
> To repeat just type
> ./configure --enable-shared --enable-debug
> make bootstrap

Uh, Oh, shit, I made a mistake. First I forgot to tell the linker the correct, so I put it into mt-linux. But while building stage 2 the flag
was not set properly, yet. I found out, that I had to change LDFLAGS_FOR_TARGET.
It should be ok if you once make that the default behaviour of configure or at
least put some announce in INSTALL, README or FAQ.

cu ingo

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