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Re: [980307]: Warning patches #3/5 - Unused variables, functions, etc.

 > From: Manfred Hollstein <>
 > Sun Mar  8 17:06:02 1998  Manfred Hollstein  <>
 >         * genattr.c (fatal): Add explicit definition of int parameters.
 >         * genconfig.c (fatal): Likewise.
 >         * genemit.c (fatal): Likewise.
 >         * genextract.c (fatal): Likewise.
 >         * genflags.c (fatal): Likewise.
 >         * genopinit.c (fatal): Likewise.
 >         * genoutput.c (fatal): Likewise.
 >         * genpeep.c (fatal): Likewise.

	Thanks for the warning fix contributions!

	One issue, this change perpetuates the hack wherein variable
arguments are faked using ints. 

	I floated the idea of using a replacement macro for the fatal
function which didn't take off.  An alternate solution is to make fatal
an actual stdarg/varargs function using the same portability tricks in
cccp.c and toplev.c. 

	I'm going to be working on generalizing variable argument stuff
into system.h and converting `fatal' in gen*.c (after I finish converting
the rest of the source to use system.h.)  Can we hold off on this part of
your patch until I get to that?

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Project Manager / Custom Development		ICon CMT Corp.

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