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Internal compliler error in egcs-ss-980308

Hi Folks,
    When switching to egcs-ss-980308 I got an internal compler error which I
could reduce to the following small test case:

#include <list>

template <class T >
class JRRangeIterator {

template <class T>
class JRRange 
    typedef JRRangeIterator<T> const_iterator;

template < class T >
class JRRegionLine
    typedef list< JRRange<T> >::const_reverse_iterator  const_reverse_iterator;

    JRRegionLine() {};

main(int argc,  char ** argv)
    JRRegionLine<int> oDefRegionLine;   // line 25

Compiler run: 
eg++ -Vegcs-2.91.13 -Wall test1.cpp -o test1
test1.cpp:25: Internal compiler error.
test1.cpp:25: Please submit a full bug report to `'.
make: *** [test1] Error 1
make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.

The error only occured with the latest snapshot (I checked with almost all
previous snapshots), but I did not check with egcs-1.0  or 1.01

I compiled egcs (like all snapshots before) with 
    --enable-shared and --enable-threads

Output from config.guess: 

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