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plans to support STL ?

I just tried to use STLport3.0 (which recommends egcs over gcc2.7.2)
  and egcs failed miserably ---

   I was trying to use STL with gcc-c++2.8.1 and pgcc-1.0.1 (which is
  derived from egcc1.0.1) on Linux (RedHat5.0 with kernel 2.0.32)
   downloaded STLport3.0 from,
   did "sh configure", saw no problems, tried 

#include "iostream.h"
#include <vector.h>

   vector<unsigned> p(2,1);
   cout << p[1] << endl;


 c++ -o t -I/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/ -fguiding-decls t.cxx

  and got

/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_vector.h:297: no type named `iterator_category' in
/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_vector.h:297: no type named `value_type' in `int'
/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_vector.h:297: no type named `difference_type' in
/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_vector.h:297: no type named `pointer' in `int'
/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_vector.h:297: no type named `reference' in `int'
/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_iterator.h: In function `{error}
iterator_category<int>(const int &)':
/home/imarkov/UCLA/STL/stl_iterator.h:185: confused by earlier errors, bailing

  Same effect with pgcc- (pgcc-c++) which is based on egcs
  (egcs is recommended in README.gcc).

  Note, I didn't get any new version of libg++ (have old  one which came
  with gcc2.7.2)... hope this is not a big deal.


-------------------------------------------------------     Igor
What boots up must come down.

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