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Re: Bug in MI?

On Fri, 6 March 1998, 09:30:32, wrote:

 > Hi,
 > I'm just looking at a problem  some of my  collegues are having.  It's
 > actually  quite   a  big   source  file  (around  70000   lines  after
 > preprocessing) and uses a very complex  inheritance lattice (8 parents
 > and around 30 ancestors - dammed I'd really appreciat having something
 > like Source-Navigator around...),  but I've been able  to reduce it to
 > 30 lines.
 > Compiling  it with all gcc versions  I have around here (2.6.3, 2.7.2,
 > egcs in various versions), results in messages as follows:
 > In function `int main()':
 > cannot allocate an object of type `ProtectedTTPBidirectionalData'
 >   since the following virtual functions are abstract:
 >     int ProtectedTTPSourceData::convertAddedPtrToCrossConnectionObjectPointer()
 > BUT,  there is absolutely _no_  pure virtual function flying around!?!

Forget about this  problem.  I  just  realized, that gcc is  doing the
right thing ;-)

According  to  C++WP 10.3 [class.virtual],   the  `final overrider' is
missing, hence the program is ill-formed!

But, gcc's error message is IMHO absolutely misleading.


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