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m68k-ColdFire(m5200) code gen bug


I've roughly isolated the following bit of code which generates invalid
assembler when compiled for Motorola ColdFire and any optimisation level.

short int MyFunc(char index1)
    unsigned char AnArray[2];
    short int param;

    param = (AnArray[index1] << 4) | (AnArray[index1]);

is compiled with "m68k-coff-gcc -S -m5200 -O2 test.c" to:

 link.w %a6,#-4
 move.b 11(%a6),%d0
 extb.l %d0
 move.b -2(%a6,%d0.l),%d0
 and.w #0xFF,%d0  <--- invalid on ColdFire architecture
 move.l %d0,%d1
 lsl.l #4,%d1
 or.l %d1,%d0
 and.l #4095,%d0
 unlk %a6

This was build using --target=m68k-coff compiler built from the EGCS source
obtained via CVS on Monday morning(2/3/98) running under cygwin32 beta 19.

When I try to assemble this file binutils- gives:

G:\TEMP\cc001120.s: Assembler messages:
G:\TEMP\cc001120.s:12: Error: invalid instruction for this architecture;
needs 68000 or higher -- statement `and.w #0xFF,%d0' ignored

Which I believe to be correct(although I don't have my ColdFire programmer's
manual handy). John Adamson( originally found the problem
but on an older version of a compiler that I built.


David Fiddes, CALM Software Production Officer
Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
email - Tel: +44 131-451-3251

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