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Re: egcs-1.0, cccp.c, warning from DEC C

>   In message <>you write:
>   > When compiling cccp.c from egcs-1.0, dec c from vax/vms 6.2 gives
>   > the following
>   > warning.
>   > 
>   >                     simplify_filename (pend_includes[i] = argv[++i]);
>   >         ............^
>   > %CC-W-UNDEFVARFETCH, In this statement, the expression "simplify_filename(.
>   > ..)"
>   >  modifies "i", and fetches its value in a computation that is not used to
>   >  produce the modified value without an intervening sequence point.  This
>   >  behavior is undefined.
> There's several of these problems in cccp.c  I'd like to nail them
> down all at once.
> Can you send me all of these warnings messages produced by the
> vms compiler for cccp so that I can fix them?

There are only two lines in the current cccp.c (980302) which produce this
warning, line 1307 and line 1313. Both lines have the above mentioned function call.

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