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Re: egcs 1.0.1 i586-linux native test failures

>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey A Law <> writes:

    Jeffrey>   In message <>you
    Jeffrey> write:
    >> No, I have a requirement to use a source distribution and to
    >> place the sources for that distribution under cvs control.  We
    >> will be building on either sparc-solaris2 or i586-linux hosts,
    >> and targeting to both m68k-coff and powerpc-elf targets.  I
    >> ftp-ed the 8 or 9 MB source tarball for egcs-1.0.1 from cygnus,
    >> and also to source tarball of binutils from yggdrasil.
    >> My question is where, relative to the egcs_build directory, do
    >> I unpack the binutils source tree, and what do I name the build
    >> subdir, and where do I put it?

    Jeffrey> You can unpack it completely outside th egcs tree and
    Jeffrey> build it separately.  In that case you'd have something
    Jeffrey> like

    Jeffrey> src/egcs-1.0.1/...  src/binutils-2.8.1/...

Will this work if I use --prefix=/some/thing/on/standard for both
builds?  I do not want the new compilers in /usr/local, since I need
to keep the gcc as my default under Linux until they clean up
the kernel cources. :-(

Also, I am building several cross compilers, and I need to compiler
the same sources with different cross compiler for different tergats
as part of a single build script.  The script will set the PATH so the 
desirec cross compiler is found first.

    Jeffrey> And you would build and install each as a separate
    Jeffrey> package.  You can still put them under source control.

    Jeffrey> The other way is the "one tree build" method which is
    Jeffrey> described in the cross-gcc faq.

I was leery fo that approach because it seems to require some patches
that I did not know would work with the ecgs source tree.

    Jeffrey> Basically you need to move the components which exist in
    Jeffrey> binutils, but not in egcs into the egcs source directory
    Jeffrey> (for example the bfd, ld, gas, binutils, gprof, include,
    Jeffrey> opcodes directories and any others that I've missed).

I am sorry to be so slow getting back to you on this, but since my
last email, I have had appendicitis and my appendix removed. :-( <ouch!>

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