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1998-12-18 libg++- available Manfred Hollstein
1998-12-10 libg++- available Manfred Hollstein
1998-12-04 egcs-1.1.1 Release Jeffrey A Law
1998-11-22 libg++- available Manfred Hollstein
1998-09-09 libg++- available Manfred Hollstein
1998-09-06 Cygnus contributes Java(TM) front end for EGCS Jeffrey A Law
1998-09-03 egcs-1.1 release Jeffrey A Law
1998-08-27 new Chill front-end contributed to EGCS Per Bothner
1998-05-18 egcs-1.0.3 Release Jaewoo Kim
1998-05-17 egcs-1.0.3 Release Jeffrey A Law
1998-03-18 egcs-1.0.2 release Jeffrey A Law
1998-01-12 Direct CVS Access to egcs sources Jeffrey A Law
1998-01-06 egcs-1.0.1 release Jeffrey A Law
1997-12-04 Additional egcs-1.0 ftp sites. Jeffrey A Law
1997-12-03 egcs-1.0 Release Jeffrey A Law
1997-10-30 Release Status Jeffrey A Law
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