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Re: Maximum rank - Fortran 2008

Romeu Braz Pereira Gomes Filho wrote:
I would like to know when gfortran will suport a maximum rank of 15 for arrays.

That's still unclear. The internal representation of arrays (array descriptor, dope vector) uses 3 bits to represent the rank, which allows for 2**3 = 8 values, which are used for rank == 0 (scalar) to rank == 7. Thus, supporting rank > 7 arrays is not possible without incompatible changes.

A new array descriptor is currently developed, but many aspects of the internal representation have to be changed, it will take a while. The internal representation of that array is documented in ISO/IEC Technical Specification (TS) 29113:2012,

My guess is that the new descriptor will either be used in GCC 4.9, which could be in two months. Or in GCC 4.10 if it will not ready in time.

If you want to try it, you could build GCC/gfortran from the Fortran-Dev branch, which supports rank 15 arrays. There are still some issues, but most features should work.


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