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Re: [Patch, Fortran] No-op Patch - a.k.a. FINAL wrapper update

Hi Tobias,

> effectively, this patch doesn't do anything. Except, it updates the –
> deactivated – finalization wrapper.
> Note: This patch does not include any code to actually call the finalization
> wrapper. Nor is the modified code ever called in gfortran. However, that
> patch paves the road to a proper finalization (and polymorphic deallocation)
> support. When I mention below that I tested the patch: That was with the
> larger but incomplete final-2012-11-27-v2.diff patch, available at
> Note that the patch
> there has known issues and does not incorporate all of Janus changes.

one thing that I do not like about your patch is the modification of
"gfc_find_derived_vtab": You create two versions of it, one of which
creates the vtab if it does not exist, while the other version does
not do this. In short: I think this is not needed (it was removed in
my version of the FINAL patch). Or can you explain to me why this
would be necessary?

[Moreover, the problem is that your new "gfc_find_derived_vtab"
behaves different from the old one but has the same name, while your
new "gfc_get_derived_vtab" behaves like the old
"gfc_find_derived_vtab". Therefore, the places where you change the
behavior by keeping the call to "gfc_find_derived_vtab" are not
visible in the patch.]


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