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Fwd: [EXTERNAL] Re: [Patch, F03, RFC] FINAL support in 4.8

Hi all,

updated FINAL patch in attachment.

I did not make as much progress as I had hoped (due to rather tight
time constraints). Relative to the last version I sent, I mostly did
some cleanup.

> Note that the patch also does end-of-program finalization as a GNU
> extension (i.e. it is done with -std=gnu, but not with -std=f2003),

I have removed these parts now, in order to be fully compatible with
the standard.

In related news, I have opened PR 55207 in order to track the issues
with auto-deallocation and implicit SAVE (which also affect

> At this point, I would say, the major to-do item is to implement the
> missing six items of F08:, namely:
>  * finalization of local vars at the end of a BLOCK construct
>  * finalization of function results (in executable statements &
> specifications expr's)
>  * finalization of structure/array constructors (in executable
> statements & specification expr's)
>  * finalization in intrinsic assignments

These to-do items are still open.

Unfortunately I will not have any time in the coming weeks to take
this patch any further. So, if this is still supposed to make it in
the 4.8 release, I hope that someone else can pick it up from here.

If this is not the case and/or we decide that finalization is not
ready for prime-time in 4.8 after all, I would at least try to single
out the parts that are necessary for polymorphic deallocation (which
is definitely the least we should do for 4.8).

Feedback welcome ...


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