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-fugly-logint ?

Re: [fortran, patch] Document the interaction of -fi nit-{real,integer,â} and -Wuninitialized

[fortran, patch] Document the interaction of -finit-{real,integer,…} and -Wuni nitialized

Re: [fortran, patch] Document t he interaction of -finit-{real,integer,…} and -Wuninitialized

[Build, libgfortran, Patch] Make libgfortran's configure more cross-compile friendly

Re: [build] Move gthr to toplevel libgcc

[fortran, patch] Add DREAL simplification (last remaining elemental required for initialization expressions)

[fortran, patch] PR 21881, issue a fatal error instead of an ICE

[fortran, patch] Substring simplification fix

[fortran, patches] Two short patches to review

[libgfortran, patch] Silence a warning in fallback round() implementation

[libgfortran, patch] Silence a warning in libgfortran's runtime/error.c

[newbie] "linker input file unused because linking not done"?

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Add libquadmath testcase gfortran.dg/quad_2.f90

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR51302 - fix ICE with volatile loop variable

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 50919: Don't use vtable for NON_OVERRIDABLE TBP

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 50960: vtables not marked as constant

[Patch, fortran, RFC] PR 40958 Reduce size of module files

Re: [Patch, fortran] [00/66] PR fortran/43829 Inline sum and product (AKA scalarization of reductions)

[Patch, Fortran] [4.6/4.7] PR 50684 - fix intent(in) check

[patch, fortran] ATAN2 and -fsign-zero doc fixes

[Patch, Fortran] Cleanup of gfc_extend_expr

[Patch, fortran] coarray cleanup leftover

[Patch, fortran] Documentation fix for MCLOCK{,8}, TIME{,8}

Re: [patch, Fortran] Fix PR 50690

[Patch, fortran] Fix PR 51338 - ICE with front-end optimization and assumed character lengths

[Patch, Fortran] MOVE_ALLOC fixes

[Patch, fortran] PR 25708 Reduce seeks when loading module files

[Patch, Fortran] PR 50408 [4.6/4.7] ICE related to whole-file processing

[Patch, Fortran] PR 50933 Fix type-compat check for BIND(C) DT

[Patch, Fortran] PR 50960 - Mark PARAMETER as TREE_READONLY

[Patch, Fortran] PR 51073: fix for zero-sized coarray arrays

[Patch, Fortran] PR 51218 (4.6/4.7 Regr.) Unset implicit_pure when calling impure subroutine

[Patch, fortran] PR fortran/51250 bug with sum(,dim,mask)

[Patch, Fortran] PR50640, PR51207 - fix select_type_12

[Patch, Fortran] PR50815 - don't -fcheck=bounds of deferred-length strings

[Patch, Fortran] PR50923 - [4.4-4.7] Print warning function does not return a value

[Patch, Fortran] PR51308 - fix bogus c_null_ptr error

[Patch, libfortran, committed] Cleanup NEWUNIT allocation

[Patch, libfortran] configure cleanup

Re: [Patch, libfortran] PR 45723 Revert previous fix

[Patch, libfortran] PR 46686 Implement backtrace using libgcc functionality

Re: [Patch, libfortran] PR 50016 Slow IO on Windows due to _commit()

[Patch, libfortran] PR 51090 Check getenv result before proceeding

[Patch, libfortran] Reduce inlining

[Patch, libfortran] Trivial cleanup committed

[Patch, wwwdocs, committed] Update Fortran section in gcc-4.7/changes.html

Re: [Patch,Fortran] Fix tree-walking issue

[Patch,Fortran] Fix tree-walking issue (was: gfortran tree walking issue)

Re: [Patch,Fortran] PR39427/37829 - implement F2003's constructors

[patch] Flag-controlled type conversions/promotions

Re: [RFC, Patch, Fortran] F2003's OOP constructor support

add my new email

Bug report

CLASS array patch latest

Re: creating dll to link with delphi program

download trouble

Fwd: GCC 4.7.0 Status Report (2011-11-08), Stage 1 is over, Stage 3 in effect immediately

GFortran 44 optimizations and Intel SSE4

gfortran IRC meeting on Sunday, 20 November

gfortran tree walking issue

gnu optimization: -O3 for Fortran flags, -O2 for C flags?

GNU Tools Cauldron 2012 - Call for Abstracts and Participation

ICE on invalid on function used as variable

MPI version of the CAF library: undefined references.

Problem with duplicate symbols when using gfortran 4.6 that are not present when using gfortran 4.5

pxfgetenv missing

Really slow direct unformatted output under MS Windows:(

translating intel fortran flags to gfortran

vector expression question.

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