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"unused parameter" warning

64bit gfortran JNI

[Fortran] RFC patch for gfc_trans_deferred_vars (PR 48786)

[gomp3.1] Allow pointers and cray pointers in firstprivate/lastprivate, handle not allocated allocatable in firstprivate

Fwd: [Help] question about assumed shape arrays in gfortran

Re: [PATCH v3] Re: avoid useless if-before-free tests

[PATCH v4] Re: avoid useless if-before-free tests

[patch, changes, fortran, committed] Mention -ffrontend-optimize and -Wfunction-elimination

[patch, committed] PR48602 Fix optimization issue

[patch, fortran, committed] Fix display of BLOCK variables in Fortran dumps

[patch, fortran, committed] Fix regression PR 48412

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 18918 - Fix max-rank check for coarrays

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 18918 - Minor coarray fix

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 48692 - Fix gfortran.dg/module_write_1.f90 failure

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 48788 - Avoid segfault after gfc_error for whole-file diagnostic

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Some coarray fixes (PR 18918 and 48477)

Re: [PATCH, Fortran] A tweak to fortran -> call graph interface

[Patch, fortran] Committed trivial FIXME patch

Re: [PATCH, Fortran] Correct declaration of frexp and friends

Re: [patch, fortran] Extend character optimization to LLE and friends

Re: [patch, fortran] Fix PR 48352 - regression with ICE with front end optimization

[Patch, Fortran] Fix regressions PRs 48810 and 48800: wrong access flag and missing deferred-shape diagnostics

[patch, fortran] Make block names unique

[patch, fortran] More control over front end optimization

[Patch, Fortran] PR 18918 - coarray diagnostic fixes

[Patch, Fortran] PR 18918 - Fix/Add multi-image support to UCOBOUND

[Patch, Fortran] PR 18918 - implement coarray's IMAGE_INDEX for nonconstant bounds

[Patch, Fortran] PR 18918: Build + install libcaf_single.a

[patch, fortran] PR 48405 - Front end expressions in DO loops

[Patch, Fortran] PR 48588 - (4.6/4.7 regression) Resolve whole TU before generating code

[Patch, Fortran] PR 48624 - fix DECL for external procedures with proc arguments

[Patch, Fortran] PR 48800 - fix "IMPORT :: symbol"

[Patch, Fortran] PR18918 - small coarray fixes

Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR18918 - UCOBOUND coarray draft patch

[Patch, fortran] PR48456 - [4.6/4.7 Regression] Realloc on assignment: ICE in fold_binary_loc and PR48360 - [4.6/4.7 Regression] ICE on array assignment statement with allocatable LHS

[Patch, fortran] PR48462 - [4.6/4.7 Regression] realloc on assignment: matmul Segmentation Fault with Allocatable Array

[Patch, fortran] PR48462 - [4.6/4.7 Regression] realloc on assignment: matmul Segmentation Fault with Allocatable Array + PR48746

[Patch, Fortran] PRs 48112/48279 - fix interface related regressions

[patch, fortran] Put front-end temporaries into BLOCKs

[Patch, fortran] Use xcalloc instead of gfc_getmem

[Patch, libfortran] Don't define _GNU_SOURCE in AM_CPPFLAGS

[Patch, libfortran] PR 47571 Fix bootstrap failure on alpha*-dec-osf*

[Patch, libfortran] PR 48488 Fix comments

[Patch, libfortran] Replace sprintf() with snprintf()

[Patch, libfortran] Some path handling fixes

[Patch, libfortran] Type cleanup

Re: [Patch, libgFortran] Fix MinGW64 compile warning

[patch, libgfortran] Fix numerous formatting bugs

[patch, libgfortran] PR48589 Invalid G0/G0.d editing for NaN/infinity

[patch, libgfortran] PR48602 Invalid F conversion of G descriptor for values close to powers of 10

[patch, libgfortran] PR48767 Rounding Up followup patch

[patch, lingfortran] Backport to 4.6.1

[PATCH,Fortran] Handle 'q' exponent-letter in real-literal-constant

Re: [PATCH] centralize builtin function type building

[PATCH] Fortran support for OpenMP 3.1 atomics

[PATCH] use build_function_type_list for float128 functions

[RFC] gfortran's coarray (library version): configure/build and the testsuite

[RFC] handling of real literal constants of the form 1.q0

[Testsuite Fortran, Patch] Add coarray/ directory for coarray compile and run-time tests

Re: [testsuite, fortran] Compile gfortran.dg/bessel_[67].f90 with -mieee

[testsuite, fortran] Compile gfortran.dg/fmt_g0_5.f08 with -mieee

[testsuite] Disable gcc.dg/guality and gfortran.dg/guality on Tru64 UNIX (PR testsuite/48251)

[wwwdata, committed] gcc-4.7/changes.html: Update Fortran section

Ambiguities with generic interfaces (and an ICE)

Bug in gfortran 4.6.0 20110214 (experimental) [trunk revision 170140]?

Cygwin Build of gfortran available

different behaviours - same compiler - different platforms

Re: File which compiles fine under G77 (and ifort) fails under gfortran

floating point discrepancy

Floating-point Exception Handling

GCC 4.5.3 Status Report (2011-04-21), branch now frozen

gfortran fails to diagnose a declaration problem

gfortran IRC meeting: 17 April

help with gfortran and lshift/rshift symbols

ICE on return of derived type with allocatable-length character component

ICE with recent changes

Implement stack arrays even for unknown sizes

impure elemental and DECL_PURE_P / TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS?


memory leak?

Merge of trunk into fortran-dev


OpenMP - segfault if parallel do loop upper limit too high

real_selected_kind behavior

RFC: Telling the middle end about asynchronous/single-sided memory access (Fortran related)

Topics for IRC meeting

TRANSFER(source with allocatable components)+Assigning the source modifies the source

unnecessary test before free changes committed

Urgent Help requried!!!

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