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Re: gfortran test coverage

On Saturday 25 September 2010 13:05:41 Daniel Kraft wrote:
> Do you think it would be worthwhile to investigate the
> coverage data further and try to extend the test-suite so that coverage
> goes up and/or remove dead code that is really unreachable?  (Or replace
> branches by asserts, for instance.)
Yes, definitely

> If you
> want, I volunteer to spend some time (I'll probably not have a lot, but
> possibly regularly small chunks) on that during stage 3 (which seems to
> fit for that, also). 
Thanks, preferably early stage 3 from my point of view: it is easy to 
introduce regressions while doing this as not-reached-by-the-testsuite is not 
exactly the same as not-reachable. We have proofs of that every day with new 
bug reports coming in. ;-)

> And of course I can send the gcov output to anyone
> interested to look at it, too.
I surely could use it, instead of adding a gcc_unreachable() somewhere and 
running the testsuite. 
If you plan to update it from time to time, maybe you could put it somewhere 
publicly available ?


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