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GNU Fortran IRC meeting planning: When? Agenda?


as suggested about 10 days ago by Jerry and seconded by Paul, we should do another planning/design review meeting in gfortran's IRC channel (, channel #gfortran).

To decide about when and where, I have setup a poll at
Please vote for your favourite time and date.

For the agenda, I think we have three blocks:
a) Larger items for Stage 1
b) Tasks for 4.6.0
c) Tasks for 4.7.0

Some thoughts for the agenda of the meeting - feel free to suggest more (or comment, though the real discussion will be on IRC)

(a) As Stage 1 ends on October 27, we still have a bit more than a month for medium-size projects. I think implementable and thus worth to discuss (or get status updates) are
- REAL(16) support for __float128 systems
- Deferred (allocatable) character lengths (at least parsing) [PR45170]
- Additions to ASSOCIATE
- OOP fixes?
- Larger fixes such as allocatable components of allocatable scalars (PR42647)
- Whole-file fixes (PR 45756, PR 44945, and some more)
- Some smaller new features (e.g. from F2008)?
- CPP: Add some target support, e.g. Kai's patch for PR 42954

(b) Tasks until the release (can be done in Stage 1 - or later)
- There are 8 regressions, two seem to be target specific, one is a middle end one, three seem to be mostly fixed - thus, there are at least two untackled ones left.
- The number of smaller issues (wrong code ,ice on valid/invalid code) has be gone high as most work concentrated on Stage 1 items - we should try to get it down
- Testing (correctness, performance): Running checks oneself, asking c.l.f., ...?

(c) Larger tasks:
- Array descriptor update: Something to get ready for 4.7; needs some work - so far only Paul was brave and worked on it. Besides the basic support, we need to think about which fields should be included - includes thinking about CLASS(*) and about DT kind/len parameters
- Memory tracking:* Diagnostics - but also correctness (let DEALLOCATE fail for nonallocated memory like named TARGETs)
- FINAL:* Daniel wants to work on this ...
- OOP - arrays and unlimited polymorphism
- Coarrays - going truly multi-image
- IEEE - most hated item, least wanted item - but feature most other compilers have?
- Derived-type type parameters for kind (Sa's patch*) and for len(gth)?
- AsyncIO
- Submodules & speedup of module reading [revamp of the format?]
- libcpp - going away from -traditional-cpp and getting more TARGET_*_CPP_BUILTINs to work (cf. PR 42954 above)
- Reallocate on assignment (much missed item)

* * *

Miscellaneous observations:

- Fortran 2008 is now an ISO standard (accepted (stage 60.00) but not yet published)
- TR 29113 (Further Interoperability of Fortran with C) should have a draft in October and should return from a PDTR ballot in April - thus at some point next year the question about implementing it will pop up. At least for "dimension(..)" and "type(*)" there seems to be some demand from MPI vendors (and from the MPI Forum for MPI 3) Cf. and
- Looking at the F2003 and F2008 implementation status, the major unimplemented items seem to be Fortran 2003 - though coarrays and submodules will also require some work. Cf. and
- For old plans and action items, see and


* Cf.

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