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Re: [Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 44541: wrong code for polymorphic variable with INTENT(OUT)/Alloc w/ MOLD

On 09/01/2010 06:37 PM, Janus Weil wrote:
Actually I only copied this from the BT_DERIVED case, assuming this
condition would be the same for both. So probably we should also
change this for BT_DERIVED dummies, right? How about:

I thought I saw about a year ago a PR that gfortran _warns_ if one does not assign to an INTENT(OUT) variable - as the value is set. I thus think gfortran most of the time already initializes BT_DERIVED variables.

@@ -12179,7 +12148,6 @@ resolve_symbol (gfc_symbol *sym)
       described in 14.7.5, to those variables that have not already
       been assigned one.  */
    if (sym->ts.type == BT_DERIVED
-&&  sym->attr.referenced
        &&  sym->ns == gfc_current_ns
        &&  !sym->value
        &&  !sym->attr.allocatable

That looks fine but ...

@@ -12187,13 +12155,17 @@ resolve_symbol (gfc_symbol *sym)
        symbol_attribute *a =&sym->attr;

-      if ((!a->save&&  !a->dummy&&  !a->pointer
+      if ((!a->save&&  !a->dummy&&  !a->pointer&&  a->referenced
  	&&  !a->in_common&&  !a->use_assoc
  	&&  !(a->function&&  sym != sym->result))
  	  || (a->dummy&&  a->intent == INTENT_OUT&&  !a->pointer))
  	apply_default_init (sym);

I don't think that's correct: We do not want to default initialize unused (local) variables. Only dummy arguments - and there is no a->referenced check for them.

The question is: Why are INTENT(OUT) variables already assigned a value? I do not want to change the code until one has understood, why the following currently works - or until one has found an example which fails the the current code. The following example prints "1":

type t
  integer :: i = 1
end type t
type(t) :: a
a%i = 8
call init(a)
print *, a
subroutine init(x)
  type(t), intent(out) :: x
end subroutine

+  if (sym->ts.type == BT_CLASS&&  sym->ns == gfc_current_ns
+&&  sym->attr.dummy&&  sym->attr.intent == INTENT_OUT)
+    apply_default_init (sym);

As in the BT_DERIVED checks above, you probably should also check for !pointer and !allocatable.


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