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Some thoughts on temporaries for the front-end

Hi all,

for finalization of derived-types, the most puzzling pieces still missing are probably those two cases (already discussed in somewhat detail):

x = foo (x)
(CALL) foo (bar ())

In the first case, we need to evaluate the RHS, finalize x afterwards, and execute the assignment last. For this we probably need to generate code like:

temp = foo (x)
finalize x
x = temp

In the second case, if the result of bar is of a finalizable derived-type, we need to finalize it after the value has been used. That means:

temp = bar ()
(CALL) foo (temp)
finalize temp

In any case, a reliable method of generating and using "temporaries" is needed in the front-end where finalization is handled; I already tried it by simply generating variables and this works except for some special cases where we need to have temporaries for arrays whose shape/size might not even be known at compile time and such.

The trans-code however already deals with such issues as it uses temporaries itself; I'd like to make the logic there accessible to the front-end to be used to resolve the two finalization cases and maybe also for further needs. I was thinking about how to do this best, and here's what I'm thinking of at the moment; I tried to make this as "clean" and generally usable as possible, but of course my focus was on getting it capable for the two finalization points:

1.) We need a capability to tell the trans code a given expression should be converted using a temporary; I think this is currently done for parentheses like "(expr)", but maybe we could add a flag or something like that to make it even clearer and easier to use. I believe adding parentheses is somewhat a "hack"...

2.) Add something equivalent to "post" and "pre" to gfc_expr's; maybe only for expressions marked as needing a temporary as in 1); that should suffice if it is easier to do. These sections would consist of gfc_code's and could be translated into the pre and post blocks during trans (is this possible easily?).

The post-section could be used for finalizing the function result after it has been used while the pre-section (executed after the temporary is initialized and before it is actually used for x = temp) could be used to finalize the old value of x in the assignment.

3.) In order to reference the temporary variable itself in the finalizers, we could for instance introduce a new expression type EXPR_TEMPORARY that would point to the gfc_expr it is a temporary for and that would in the translation phase simply be converted using the correct temporary variable. We could impose a restriction that such expressions might only be used within the mirrored expression's pre and post blocks to guard against abuses making things complicated.

What do you think about this ideas? I admit that I don't have much knowledge about certain areas of gfortran and can't fully tell if something like that can be implemented and would be worth the effort. And of course, this is only a very rough draft at the moment, outlining the points I believe are necessary.


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