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Re: gfortran "partial" recursive I/O support

Tobias Burnus wrote:
FX wrote:
So, until we have implemented derived type I/O we can only claim partial
recursive I/O.
I don't think that's it: Cray, g95 and Intel all have no support for
derived-types I/O and yet have a "yes" for recursive I/O.

The table follows, which has:

"4.10 Recursive input/output -- A recursive input/output statement is one that is executed while another input/output statement is in execution. We met this in connection with derived-type input/output (Section 4.1). The only other situation in which it is allowed, and this is an extension from Fortran 95, is for input/output to/from an internal file where the statement does not modify any internal file other than its own."

Our conclusion was: "Yes, but" and playing cautious we put a "partially" there. Maybe we can come to a new conclusion. See for the initial discussion:

I have spent some time searching the internet. I conclude that gfortran fully supports recursive I/O to/from internal units and contrary to the standard, also allows this to/from external files.

I also have to say, so far, I have not found one shred of code that uses this feature. I am not saying there is not someone somewhere doing so. I think a diagnostic for the external case is way down on the list of priorities.


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